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Chats on...

Our Chats on... are an ongoing series of articles about George Baxter, his licencees and other mid Victorian Hand Pressed Colour Printers.


For details about specific prints please see 'About Prints'

George Baxter

Addresses - A full list both business and personal

Agents in Germany - Joh. Heinrigs - F. C. Eisen - Theodor Oswald Weigel - Franz Thimm +

Agent in USA - David Davidson 109 Nassau Street, New York City

Apprentices - Harrison Weir, Alfred Reynolds, George Cargill Leighton etc

Advertisements - my collection of adverts placed by Baxter between 1827 - 1860

The chromolithographic context by Michael Twyman

Baxter's Birthplace - a painting by Paul Braddon

Baxter's letter to Revd Jabez Bunting - Wesleyan Missionary Society

Baxter's Family Tree

Baxter's glaze - how it is made

Baxter' Military Service! - Yes he does have a service record

Baxter's retirement auction sale 8th May 1860 - 100,000 prints an all his Plates and Plant

Baxter's travelling sales 1860 -1863

Baxter's travelling sales  - an important sale poster - Brompton - February 1863

Baxter's travelling sales - rare advertising posters

Baxter's Duke of Wellington (CL 225) is NOT in the book 'Memoirs of Wellington'

Baxter's Holy Family - a set of Progressive Proofs

Crystal Palace - Baxter's Gems No 1 - Exterior - was it coloured by C F Buckley? - Was Buckley's painting of The Great Exhibition actually sketched by Baxter?

Crystal Palace - Baxter's Gems No 1 - Exterior - An interesting label - a detailed review of Baxter's involvement in the early days of the Crystal Palace

Hollyhocks and The Gardeners Shed reproduced as Playing Cards

‘H.R.H. Prince Albert’s Cachou Aromatise’ - By Thomas Jackson after Baxter's Print

First ever published work - Brighton Chain Pier

First work outside of his father's publications

Frederick Mockler and his Portfolio of reprints from George Baxter steel plates

Needle box Prints - various sewing related articles

Posthumous Baxters - prints taken from plates after his death - often sold as genuine

Printed by Baxter or Le Blond? Le Blond Baxter's how can you tell the difference?

Sales receipt dated 1843 - a rare piece of ephemera

Sarreguemines China tableware - based on Baxter's  designs

Sir David Scott - The Rarest of George Baxter print of them all?

Snelling Archive of letters, wills and ephemera relating to George Baxter

Wood engravings at Magpie Alley in Fleet Street London

Le Blond & Co

Printed by Baxter or Le Blond? Le Blond Baxter's how can you tell the difference?

Epps's Cocoa shop display box with printed labels by Le Blond & Co

A 'unique' circular dated 1862 - Le Blond selling ovals 'door to door'

Brothers Water - Le Blond took the designs from J Sands and Thomas Allom

Le Blond as a Publisher - Palace Quality Satin Note (Paper)

Tyrolean Waltz - an unrecorded Gold Bordered Mount

On their blue labels it states 'Printed in Oil Colors' was this for the American market?

William Dickes

Dickes Premises at 109 - 111 Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell, London

Joseph Martin Kronheim - J M Kronheim & Co

The Christies 'New Hall Vault' sale of Kronheim prints in September 1987

Kronheim & Co - a chronology of the full company history

Kronheim Sheets - we now know which books they were used in...

Joseph Mansell

Charles Dickens' visit to Joseph Mansell premises

Joseph Mansell - His Valentines and Prints by Geoff Snowden

An unrecorded set of Joseph Mansell Reward Cards - 'Illustrated Tales for the Young’

Joseph Mansell's prints of River Teify, Lake Como, Warwick Castle and Netley Abbey from George Baxter's Printing Plates

Joseph Mansell's Steel engraved printing plate for a set of needle box prints

Reference Works

My database of reference works relating to George Baxter, his Licensees and Victorian Colour Printing - WITH REVIEWS

Fakes & Forgeries

In the 1920's lots of fakes were produced - don't get caught, see our comprehensive article

Posthumous Baxters - prints taken from plates after his death - often sold as genuine

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