All our 'Chat's' are working documents - if you can add anything to them, aid our research, WRITE YOUR OWN 'CHAT' or just want to ask a question please email me direct or via our contact page

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Our 'Chats on' are a series of articles about George Baxter, his licencees and mid Victorian Hand Pressed Colour Printers in general. They could also encompass all aspects of the printing process and how the prints were used, so could include articles on books with coloured frontispieces, needle boxes and other sewing items that Baxter prints would have been used to adorn as well as Victorian Scrap Books etc. Chats could also cover Baxter's wood engravings or his little known Baxter Photographs, his agents abroad and the contemporary sales of Baxters Worldwide. Might also show how the prints are used today such as, as miniature paintings by Dolls House collectors. The subject matter is wide.

Two Baxter needle box prints incorporated by a  unknown manufacturer into pin cushions dating from circa 1855

I have many articles already written (and even more yet to write) many have previously been published in the New Baxter Society Newsletter BUT if you aren't a member you would never have seen them. Some are just interesting little bits of information, mostly things that have never been written about before. Some are more 'dramatic' discoveries that change the way we think about a particular print. Perhaps undiscovered prints or, just recently, as in the case of Helmet Crest CL111 something that has been considered to be a Baxter Print for over 100 years is now proved not to be printed by Baxter after all!

You will see at the head of each 'Chat' it will state that all articles are working documents acknowledging the fact the I / we are learning all while. If you can add something or feel what I am saying is incorrect PLEASE contact me by the links at the top of the page which will take you to your default email browser or our contact form.

More importantly can you write a 'Chat' for inclusion on the website, for the benefit of others and to aid further research? Full credit will be given (or held back if preferred). I am reasonable knowledgeable regarding Baxter and his licencees but only have a scant knowledge of some of the other colour printers of the Mid Victorian era - can you write a short biography to add to our 'The Printers' page.

Whatever, I look forward to hearing from you - Mic

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