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J M Kronheim & Co

Joseph Martin Kronheim was born in Magdeburg, Germany on 26th October 1810. He worked as a designer and engraver in Paris then Edinburgh. He is recorded at 9 Buccleugh Place in 1842 before moving to Paternoster Row, London in 1846. He acquired a Licence from George Baxter in 1850, and produced a considerable output by the process. Frauenknecht had put money into the business in 1852 and bought Kronheim's share in possibly1855 but now more likely 1857. Kronheim moved back to Germany but lost everything in a failed business venture. He returned to England and is reputed to have worked for his old company until about 1887. He died in Berlin in 1896.
Baxter's apprentice Charles Gregory had joined the company in 1849 and his experience must have been of great assistance. He was made a partner in 1857. Baxter's process was at it's height in the mid 1860's when they were printing, apart from other items, a vast array of biblical prints

They found the process very time consuming and adapted it by using zinc rather than wood blocks, this gave his prints a 'flatter' finish. The most sort after prints are a set of 4 large coaching scenes, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In 1875 steam power was introduced and they stopped using the process. They are reputed to have issued over 4000 different prints. They can be found illustrating many books with their lithographic prints in the last quarter of the 19th century. In the mid 1980's a vast cache of uncut sheets of prints were auctioned at Christie's. These came from the 1920's collection of the late Mr Owens of New Hall Birmingham and you will often find these prints framed with the Christies label 'New Hall Vault Collection' on the reverse.

The Wine Tasters - J M Kronheim &Co - 1854

The Wine Tasters - one of the largest, earliest and rarest prints by J M Kronheim & Co - published 1st September 1854

Joseph Kronheim moved to America with his son, we can find Kronheim & Co of 9 Dey Street , New York printing the Centennial Home Insurance Calendar for 1876. Is his son the Martin Kronheim who was the partner of Charles Wemple of Wemple & Kronheim colour printers of New York in 1878?

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