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This section contains full details or in depth reviews about specific Baxter and Licensee prints which will be continually added to:

George Baxter Prints
Baxter Needlebox +++.JPG

Full list of Baxter Prints


CL 25 Southdown Sheep

Annual (2).jpg

CL 26 Convolvulus Leaves, Flower, and Bud

John Wesley Miss Ship - Baxter .jpg

81a - The John Wesley Missionary Ship

Anti Slavery.jpg

CL 105 - The Abolition of Slavery

CL111 Helmet Banner (12).jpg

CL 111 Order of the Garter - not a Baxter print after all!

Figures & Landscapes (1).jpg

CL 145 Figures and Landscapes Set

Australia News Home with Trees.jpg

CL 195 Australia News from Home


CL 196 News from Australia

Victoria Albert and the book (3).jpg

CL 203 England’s Queen

prince albert + (1).jpg

CL 204 His Royal Highness Prince Albert

prince albert - trimmed.jpg

CL 205 His Royal Highness Prince Albert


CL 234 The Holy Family

Birth of the saviour (10).jpg

CL 239 The Birth of the Saviour

Dogs of St B Baxter.jpg

CL 335 The Dogs of St. Bernard

Map of the Victories Napoleon (6).jpg

CL 373 Map of the Victories of Napoleon III

Sir David Scott by Perez.jpg

CL N/a - Sir David Scott

Le Blond Prints
401 - CL70 CP.jpg

LB 70 The Crystal Palace, Sydenham

402 - CL71 - CP.jpg

LB 71 The Crystal Palace, Sydenham

1359 - Internationl Exhibition.jpg

LB 94 The International Exhibition 1862

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