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Full list of Baxter Prints - this is a 'simple' list using the initial CL numbering system formed in 1908 - there are many more prints but they are mainly variations and amended plates of the ones listed below, if you have any queries please feel free to get in contact me. The prints highlighted in blue link to in depth reviews of that print.


2-Dippers And Nest-1835

3-Little Grebes And Nest-1834

4-Eagle And Vulture-1834

5-Hindoo And Mohamedan Buildings-1834

6-Welsh Harper, The See Also 319-1835

7-Cattle Drinking OR 'The Watering Place'-1835

8-Convolulus Scroll And Wreath-1835

9-Modifications Of Clouds-1835

10-Norfolk Bridge, New Shoreham-1835

11-End Of Time, The-1835

12-Polar Sky-1835

13-Seasons, The -1835

14-Tropical Scenery-1835


16-Scene On The Mountain Tops-1835

17-Air Bird-1835

18-Evening On The Sea-1835

19-Shore, The-1835

20-Caroline Mordaunt-1835

21-Virginia Water-1836

22-Boy With A Birds Nest, A-1836

23-Bohemian Peasants-1836

24-Hungarian Peasants-1836

25 - South Down Sheep - 1835

26 - Convolvulus Leaves, Flower And Bud - 1835

26A - Conqueror Of Europe (Auricula), The-1836

27-Mosaic Pavement At Pitney, The -1836

28-Boys With A Kite In A Tree-1836

29-Turn Of The Monsoon-1837

30-Bird Of Spring, A-1837

31-Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore, Italy-1837

32-Summer Fly-1837

33-Vineyard Near Mt. St. Bernard-1837

34-Autumnal Artist-1837

35-Avalanche At Lewes-1837

36-Winter Bird-1837

37-Passion Fowers, Roses Etc.-1835

38-Advice On The Care Of Teeth-1837

39-Burns And His Highland Mary-1837

40-Cape Wilberforce, Australia-1837

41-Carrier Pigeon, The-1837




45-Interior Of The Lady Chapel, Warwick-1837

46-The Boa Ghaut-1837


48-Destruction Of Sodom-1837

49-Jenny Deans' Interview With The Queen-1837

50-Greenhouse Perennials-1838

51-Greenhouse Shrubs-1838



54-Sunshine And Cloudy Sky-1838

55-View Of Park At Gehol   

56-Yes, I Am Come Of High Degree-1838

57-Old Water Mill, The-1838

58-English Ship By Moonlight, The-1838

59-Milo Of Crotona Rending The Oak-1838

60-Dying Gladiator, The-1838

61-Lo Studio-1839

62-Michael Angelo's Moses-1839

63-Domestic Happiness-1840

64-Child On A Bed-1840

65-Judgement Of Brutus-1840


67-Boy Throwing Stones At Ducks-1836

68-Children Outside Gates Of Mansion-1836

69-Two Lovers Standing Under A Tree-1836

70-Parsonage At Ovingham-1839

71-Rev. John Williams, The -1837

72-Rev. John Williams, The -1837

73-Rev. John Williams, The (Small)-1840

74-Lamented Missionary, The Rev. John Williams, The-1843

75-Lamented Missionary, The Rev. John Williams, The-1843

76-Rev. John Williams, The -1846

77-Rev. J. Williams On Board Ship, The-1843

78-Rev. J. Williams, The  

79-Te Po, A Cheif Of Ratotonga-1837

80-Departure Of The "Camden", The-1838

81-Camden Passing The Isle Of Wight, The  

81A - The John Wesley Missionary Ship - 1844

82A - Reception Of Rev. John Williams At Tanna-1841

82B - Massacre Of The Rev. John Williams-1841

83-Rev. J. Williams First Interview With The Natives At Erromanga, The-1842

84-Pomare (Queen Of Tahiti)-1845

85-George Pritchard (Consul To Tahiti)-1845

86-Wesleyan Mission Station At Waingaroa, New Zealand-1846

87-Landing Of The Missionaries At Taranaki, New Zealand-1844

88-Vah-Ta-Ah, The Feejeean Princess-1857

89-Rev. Robert Moffat-1843

90-Rev. Robert Moffat-1843

91-Missionary Premises At Kuruman-1842

92-Rev. William Knibb-1847

93-Ordinance Of Baptism, The-1843

94-View From Mission House, Bangalore-1839

95-Wesleyan Chapel, Popham's Broadway, Madras, The-1846

96-Destruction Of The "Tanjore" By Lightning, Off Ceylon-1844

97-Hindoo Temple At Gyah Behar-1847

98-Mr. Medhurst In Conversation With Choo-Tih-Lang-1838

99-Miss Aldersey's School At Ningpo-1847

100-Six Malagasy Christians-1840


102-Greek Monastery, A-1839

103-Missionary Vine, The   

104-Landing Of Columbus, The-1840

105 - The Abolition of Slavery - Never printed by Baxter

106-Wreck Of The "Reliance"-1843

106-Wreck Of The "Reliance"-1843

106-Wreck Of The "Reliance"-1859

106A - Reliance In Full Sail Of Hong Kong, The  

107-Garter Stall, A-1839

108-Collar, George And Star, As Worn By The Sovereign-1839

109-Collar, George And Star, As Worn By The Knights-1839

110-Ribband, Lesser George And Garter-1839

111 - Banner, Helmet And Crest, As Suspended Over A Stall In St.George's Chapel, Windsor - 1839

112-Collar, Badge And Star Of The Order-1839

113-Ribband And Badge Of The Order-1839

114-Collar, Badge And Star Of The Military Knights Grand Cross Of The Order -1839

115-Collar, Badge And Star Of Civil Knights Grand Cross Of The Order-1839

116-Ribband, Badge And Star Of The Knights Commanders Of The Bath-1839

116A - Ribband And Badge Of Companions Of The Bath-1839

116B - Ribband And Badge Of Companions Of The Bath-1839

117-Collar Of The Order, Badge And Star-1839

118-Ribband And Badge Of The Order, And The Grand Masters Lodge-1839

119-Collar, Badge And Star Of Knights Grand Cross-1839

120-Ribband, Badge And Star Of Knights Commanders-1839

121-Ribband And Badge Of Companions Of St. Michael And St. George-1839

122-Medal And Ribband Granted For Navel Battles, And The Medal, Ribband And Clasp Granted For Military Battles-1839

123-Cross And Clasp Granted For Military Battles-1839

124-Collar, Badge And Star Of A Military Knight Grand Cross-1839

125-Collar, Badge And Star Of A Civil Knight Grand Cross-1839

126-Ribband, Badge And Star Of A Military Knight Commander, And The Ribband And Star Of A Civil Knight Comander-1839

127-Ribband And Badge Of A Military And Civil Knight-1839

128-Baptism Of Prince Of Wales  

129-Coronation Of Queen Victoria-1841

130-Prospectus With Royal Arms-1840

131-Opening Of Parliament, The -1841

132-Launch Of The "Trafalgar", The-1842

133-Regal Set, The -1850

134-Queen's Floral Needle Box Set (Small) Called 10 Bouquets By Baxter-1850

135-Queen's Floral Set (Flowers - One Group)-1850

136-Queen's Floral Set (Flowers - Three Bouquets)-1850

137-Tarantella Set-1850

138-Greek Dance And Harem Set, The-1850

139-Religious Events No.1 And No.2-1852

140-Fairy Scenes And Pas Des Trois -1851

141-Allied Sovereigns And The Commanders Of Their Forces-1855

142-Allied Sovereigns And The Commanders Of Their Forces-1855

143-Queen And The Heroes Of India, The-1857

144-May Queen Set, The-1858

145-Figures And Landscapes Set-1859

146-Bride, The Known As The Small Bride-1848

147-Bride, The Known As The Large Bride-1850

148-Conchologists, The Known As The Small Conchologists-1848

149-Conchologists, The Known As The Large Conchologists-1850

150-Paul And Virginia Known As The Small Paul And Virginia-1848

151-Paul And Virginia Known As The Large Paul And Virginia-1850

152-La Tarantella Known As The Small Tarantella-1847

153-La Tarantella Known As The Large Tarantella-1850

154-Chalees Satoon, The Known As The Small Chalees Satoon-1848

155-Chalees Satoon,East India, The Known As The Large Chalees Satoon-1850

156-Indian Settlement-1847

157-Indian Settlement-1850

158-First Impressions Or The First Impression Known As The Small First Impressions -1850

159-First Impressions Known As The Large First Impression-1864

160-Grand Entrance To The Great Exhibition-1851

161-Grand Entrance To The Great Exhibition-1851

162-Great Exhibition (Exterior), The-1851

163-Great Exhibition (Interior), The-1851

164-Great Exhibition (Small Exterior), The-1851

165-Houses Of Parliament, The-1851

166-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 1-1852

167-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 2-1852

168-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 3-1852

169-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 4-1852\4

170-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 5-1854

171-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 6-1854

172-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 7-1854


174-Cupid And Psyche-1854

175-Nymph, By Wyatt, A-1854

176-Lion In Love-1854

177-Faithful Messenger, The-1854

178-Unhappy Child, The-1854

179-Greek Slave, The-1854

180-Rinaldi And Armida-1854

181-Mother Presenting Her Son With A Bible-1854

182-Dog And The Serpent (The Attack), The-1854

183-Dog And The Serpent (The Defence), The-1854

184-Attack Of The Eagle-1854

185-Girls Fishing-1854


187-Hagar And Ishmael-1854

188-Veiled Vestal, The-1854

189-Crystal Palace, New York-1853

190-Great Exhibition In London In 1862, The  

191-Gems Of The Crystal Palace No. 1 The Exterior-1854

192-Pompeian Court-1854

193-Crystal Palace And Gardens, The-1854

194-Egyptian Court, The (wrongly named by CL as Assyrian Court, The)  

195 - Australia. News From Home - 1853

196 - News From Australia - 1854

197-Review Of The British Fleet, & C., Portsmouth-1854

198-Charge Of The British Troops On The Road To Windlesham-1854

199-Siege Of Sebastopol, The-1855

200-Soldiers Farewell-1855

201-Her Majesty Queen Victoria-1839

202-Royal Christening, The  

203-  England's Queen -1848

204 - H.R.H. Prince Albert - 1848

205 - His Royal Highness Prince Albert - 1850

206-Her Majesty Queen Victoria Known As The De La Rue Queen-1850

207-Her Most Gracious Majesty He Queen Known As The Small Queen And Queen On Dais-1850

208-Her Majesty The Queen Known As Queen, Hand On Table-C.1860

209-Victoria, Queen Of Great Britian Known As Queen And Head-Dress-1855

210-His Royal Highness Prince Albert-1855

211-His Royal Highness Prince Of Wales-1850

212-His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales-1859

213-Princess Royal, The-1858

214-Princess Royal - Princess Of Prussia, The-1858

215-Prince Frederick Wm. Of Prussia-1858

216-Victoria, Queen Of Great Britian, India, Etc. Known As The Large Queen-1859

216A - Victoria, Queen with lades in waiting-1859

217-Jetty Treffz, Madelle-1850

218-Jenny Lind, Madelle-1850

219-Daughter Of The Regiment, The-1856

220-Sir Robert Peel-1853

221-Sir Robert Peel Known As Peel With Extended Finger-1853

222-Lord Nelson-1853

223-Edmund Burke-1856

224-Emperor Napoleon I, The-1853

225-Late Duke Of Wellington, The Known As Wellington, Without Arm-1852

226-Late Duke Of Wellington, The-1853

227-Vive L'emperor!, Napoleon III Known As Napoleon III - Long Moustache-C. 1854

228-Eugenie, Empress Of The French-1854

229-Vive L'emperor!, Napoleon III Known As Naploleon III - Short Moustache-1854

230-Rev. John Wesley-1858

231-Chubb, Charles-1843

231A - Chubb, Maria-1843

232-Saviour Blessing The Bread, The Or The Saviour Blessing Bread (With Nimbus)-1852

233-Saviour Blessing Bread, The-1852

234 - The Holy Family - 1849\50

235-Ninth Hour, The-1854

236-Descent From The Cross, The Or La Descente De La Croix-1852

237-Descent From The Cross, The-1852

238-Third Day He Rose Again, The-1854

239 - The Birth Of The Saviour -  Also Known As The Nativity And The Adoration - 1853


241-Proposed Communist Settlement Of The Christian Commenwealth-1845


243-Crucifixion, The Known As The Large Crucifixion-1855

244-Holy Family - After Murillo, The Known As The Large Holy Family-1855

245-Crucifixion, The Known As The Small Crucifixion-1855

246-Holy Family - After Murillo, as CL244 but smaller  

247-St. Paul Preaching At Athens-1855

248-Elymas, The Sorcerer, Struck Blind-1855

249-St. Peter And St. John Healing The Sick-1855

250-Christ Charge To Peter-1855

251-Death Of Ananias-1855

252-Miraculous Draught Of Fishes, The -1855

253-Sacrifice At Lystra-1855

254-Dover Coast-1855

255-It Is Finished!-1855


257-Saviour, The Known As Ecce Homo-1854

258-Slaves, The-1855

259-Fisherman's Home, The-1849

260-Bridesmaid, The-1855

261-Christmas Time-1859

262-First Lesson, The -1855

263-I Don't Like It! Known As So Nasty!-1854

264-Infantine Jealousy-1857

265-Me Warm Now-1853

266-Puss Napping-1856

267-So Nice-1852

268-See Saw, Margery Daw Known As Miss Mischief-1858

269-Short Change-1856

270-Shall I Succeed!-1850

271-So Tired-1853

272-Stolen Pleasures-1859

273-Fruit No. 1 (After Lance)-1856

274-Fruit No. 2 (After Lance)-1856

275-Gardeners Shed, The (From A Painting By V. Bartholomew)-1856

276-Hollyhocks (From A Painting By V. Bartholomew)-1857

277-Landing Of Her Majesty And H.R.H.Prince Albert In Ireland, The-1850

278-Her Majesty Leaving Kingston Harbour-1850

279-Balmoral Castle-1850

280-Her Majesty's Marine Residence, Isle Of Wight -1847

281-Windsor Castle Known As Returning From Stag-Hunting-1850

282-Windsor Castle From The Long Walk-1850

283-View From Windsor Forest Known As Windsor Forest Or Windsor Castle And Forest-1850


285-River Camel, Cornwall-1850

286-Derwent Water, Cumberland-1849

287-Dove Dale-1847

288-Netley Abbey-1850

289-Near Folkstone - Mid-Day-1847

290-Hop Garden, The-1856

291-London, From Greenwich Observatory-1845

292-Funeral Of The Duke Of Wellington Known As St. Paul's Cathedral-1852

293-Views Of The Metropolis  

294-Royal Exchange, The -1851

295-View From Harrow-On-The-Hill-1851

296-Duke Of Buccleuch's Residence, Richmond-1848

297-Surrey Zoological Gardens-1846

298-Richmond Bridge-1851

299-View From Richmond Hill (Morning)-1845

300-View From Richmond Hill - Noon-1850

301-Dripping Well, Hastings-1850

302-Dripping Well, Hastings-1850

303-Lovers Seat, Hastings-1850

304-Lovers Seat, Hastings-1850

305-Brighton Chain Pier-1850

306-Warwick Castle-1850

307-Brougham Castle-1850

308-Bolton Abbey-1847

309-View Near Ilkley-1847

310-Bala Lake, N. Wales-1850

311-Llangollen -1850

312-Cader Idris-1850

313-River Teify, Cardiganshire-1850

314-Welsh Drovers-1850

315-Tintern Abbey-1850

316-Crucis Abbey-1850

317-View From A Deserted Rock Quarry On The Wye-1849

318-Watermill On The Wye-1850

319-Welsh Harper, The -1840's

320-Ben Nevis, Scotland-1850

321-Ben Nevis, Scotland-1850

322-St. Ruth's Priory-1850

323-Lake Luggellaw-1847

324-Lake Como-1850

325-Lake Garda-1847

326-La Biondiana In Gondoletta-1847


328-Verona (Evening Scene)-1850



331-Eu Cathedral-1848

332-Reconciliation, The -1852

333-Fruit Girl Of The Alps, The-1859

334-Lake Lucerne, Switzerland-1857

335 - The Dogs Of St. Bernard - 1869

336-Ascent Of Mont Blanc (The Glacier Du Tacconay), The-1855

336A - Ascent Of Mont Blanc (Leaving The Grands Mulets), The-1855

336B - Ascent Of Mont Blanc (The Mur De La Cote), The -1855

336C - Ascent Of Mont Blanc (The Summit)-1855

337-Nuremberg, Bavaria-1847

338-Stolzenfels On The Rhine-1849

339-River Scene, Holland-1847

340-Returning From Prayer-1855

341-Andulusians, The-c.1848

342-Arctic Expedition In Search Of Sir John Franklin-1850


344-Circassian Lady At The Bath-1850

345-View In Madeira-1847

346-Mountain Stream, The-1856

347-Temples Of Philae. Egypt-1848

348-Belle Of The Village-1854

349-Come, Pretty Robin-1857

350-Copper, Your Honour?-1853

351-Crossing The Brook-1847

352-Cornfield, The -1857

353-Day Before Marriage, The-1853

354-Flora Or Flora, The Gypsy Girl-1852

355-Gathering Apples-1844

356-Harvest Time (The Gleaners)-1846

357-Little Red Riding Hood-1856

358-Little Gardeners, The -1847

359-Lovers' Letter-Box, The-1856

360-Morning Call, The-1853


362-Parting Look, The Known As The Parting Look, With Man And Box-1858

363-Parting Look, The Known As The Parting Look, Without Man And Trunk-1858

364-Parting Look, The Known As The Parting Look, Extra Lace-1858

365-Summer, After W.E. Jones Known As The Large Summer-1860

366-Summer Known As The Small Summer-1849

367-Summertime - "Half Light, Half Shade She Stood" Known As Gathering Roses-1856

368-Winter, After W.E.Jones Known As The Large Winter-1859

369-Winter Known As The Small Winter-1849

370-Shells And Their Inmates-1841

371-Yggdrasill (The Mundane Tree)-1847

372-Design For Title Page-VARIOUS

373-Map Showing Victories Of Napoleon III-1859


374A - Diagrams-1845

374B - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374C - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374D - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374E - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374F - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374G - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374H - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374I - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374J - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374K - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374L  - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

375-Book Covers  

376-Book Covers  

377-Teeth In Age, The-1846+

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