Full list of Baxter Prints - this is a 'simple' list using the initial CL numbering system formed in 1908- there are many more prints but they are mainly variations and amended plates of the ones listed below, if you have any queries please feel free to get in contact


2-Dippers And Nest-1835

3-Little Grebes And Nest-1834

4-Eagle And Vulture-1834

5-Hindoo And Mohamedan Buildings-1834

6-Welsh Harper, The See Also 319-1835

7-Cattle Drinking OR 'The Watering Place'-1835

8-Convolulus Scroll And Wreath-1835

9-Modifications Of Clouds-1835

10-Norfolk Bridge, New Shoreham-1835

11-End Of Time, The-1835

12-Polar Sky-1835

13-Seasons, The -1835

14-Tropical Scenery-1835


16-Scene On The Mountain Tops-1835

17-Air Bird-1835

18-Evening On The Sea-1835

19-Shore, The-1835

20-Caroline Mordaunt-1835

21-Virginia Water-1836

22-Boy With A Birds Nest, A-1836

23-Bohemian Peasants-1836

24-Hungarian Peasants-1836

25-South Down Sheep-1836

26-Convolvulus Leaves, Flower And Bud-1836

26A - Conqueror Of Europe (Auricula), The-1836

27-Mosaic Pavement At Pitney, The -1836

28-Boys With A Kite In A Tree-1836

29-Turn Of The Monsoon-1837

30-Bird Of Spring, A-1837

31-Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore, Italy-1837

32-Summer Fly-1837

33-Vineyard Near Mt. St. Bernard-1837

34-Autumnal Artist-1837

35-Avalanche At Lewes-1837

36-Winter Bird-1837

37-Passion Fowers, Roses Etc.-1835

38-Advice On The Care Of Teeth-1837

39-Burns And His Highland Mary-1837

40-Cape Wilberforce, Australia-1837

41-Carrier Pigeon, The-1837




45-Interior Of The Lady Chapel, Warwick-1837

46-The Boa Ghaut-1837


48-Destruction Of Sodom-1837

49-Jenny Deans' Interview With The Queen-1837

50-Greenhouse Perennials-1838

51-Greenhouse Shrubs-1838



54-Sunshine And Cloudy Sky-1838

55-View Of Park At Gehol   

56-Yes, I Am Come Of High Degree-1838

57-Old Water Mill, The-1838

58-English Ship By Moonlight, The-1838

59-Milo Of Crotona Rending The Oak-1838

60-Dying Gladiator, The-1838

61-Lo Studio-1839

62-Michael Angelo's Moses-1839

63-Domestic Happiness-1840

64-Child On A Bed-1840

65-Judgement Of Brutus-1840


67-Boy Throwing Stones At Ducks-1836

68-Children Outside Gates Of Mansion-1836

69-Two Lovers Standing Under A Tree-1836

70-Parsonage At Ovingham-1839

71-Rev. John Williams, The -1837

72-Rev. John Williams, The -1837

73-Rev. John Williams, The (Small)-1840

74-Lamented Missionary, The Rev. John Williams, The-1843

75-Lamented Missionary, The Rev. John Williams, The-1843

76-Rev. John Williams, The -1846

77-Rev. J. Williams On Board Ship, The-1843

78-Rev. J. Williams, The  

79-Te Po, A Cheif Of Ratotonga-1837

80-Departure Of The "Camden", The-1838

81-Camden Passing The Isle Of Wight, The  

81A - John Wesley Missionary Ship, The-1844

82A - Reception Of Rev. John Williams At Tanna-1841

82B - Massacre Of The Rev. John Williams-1841

83-Rev. J. Williams First Interview With The Natives At Erromanga, The-1842

84-Pomare (Queen Of Tahiti)-1845

85-George Pritchard (Consul To Tahiti)-1845

86-Wesleyan Mission Station At Waingaroa, New Zealand-1846

87-Landing Of The Missionaries At Taranaki, New Zealand-1844

88-Vah-Ta-Ah, The Feejeean Princess-1857

89-Rev. Robert Moffat-1843

90-Rev. Robert Moffat-1843

91-Missionary Premises At Kuruman-1842

92-Rev. William Knibb-1847

93-Ordinance Of Baptism, The-1843

94-View From Mission House, Bangalore-1839

95-Wesleyan Chapel, Popham's Broadway, Madras, The-1846

96-Destruction Of The "Tanjore" By Lightning, Off Ceylon-1844

97-Hindoo Temple At Gyah Behar-1847

98-Mr. Medhurst In Conversation With Choo-Tih-Lang-1838

99-Miss Aldersey's School At Ningpo-1847

100-Six Malagasy Christians-1840


102-Greek Monastery, A-1839

103-Missionary Vine, The   

104-Landing Of Columbus, The-1840


106-Wreck Of The "Reliance"-1843

106-Wreck Of The "Reliance"-1843

106-Wreck Of The "Reliance"-1859

106A - Reliance In Full Sail Of Hong Kong, The  

107-Garter Stall, A-1839

108-Collar, George And Star, As Worn By The Sovereign-1839

109-Collar, George And Star, As Worn By The Knights-1839

110-Ribband, Lesser George And Garter-1839

111-Banner, Helmet And Crest, As Suspended Over A Stall In St.George's Chapel, Windsor-1839

112-Collar, Badge And Star Of The Order-1839

113-Ribband And Badge Of The Order-1839

114-Collar, Badge And Star Of The Military Knights Grand Cross Of The Order -1839

115-Collar, Badge And Star Of Civil Knights Grand Cross Of The Order-1839

116-Ribband, Badge And Star Of The Knights Commanders Of The Bath-1839

116A - Ribband And Badge Of Companions Of The Bath-1839

116B - Ribband And Badge Of Companions Of The Bath-1839

117-Collar Of The Order, Badge And Star-1839

118-Ribband And Badge Of The Order, And The Grand Masters Lodge-1839

119-Collar, Badge And Star Of Knights Grand Cross-1839

120-Ribband, Badge And Star Of Knights Commanders-1839

121-Ribband And Badge Of Companions Of St. Michael And St. George-1839

122-Medal And Ribband Granted For Navel Battles, And The Medal, Ribband And Clasp Granted For Military Battles-1839

123-Cross And Clasp Granted For Military Battles-1839

124-Collar, Badge And Star Of A Military Knight Grand Cross-1839

125-Collar, Badge And Star Of A Civil Knight Grand Cross-1839

126-Ribband, Badge And Star Of A Military Knight Commander, And The Ribband And Star Of A Civil Knight Comander-1839

127-Ribband And Badge Of A Military And Civil Knight-1839

128-Baptism Of Prince Of Wales  

129-Coronation Of Queen Victoria-1841

130-Prospectus With Royal Arms-1840

131-Opening Of Parliament, The -1841

132-Launch Of The "Trafalgar", The-1842

133-Regal Set, The -1850

134-Queen's Floral Needle Box Set (Small) Called 10 Bouquets By Baxter-1850

135-Queen's Floral Set (Flowers - One Group)-1850

136-Queen's Floral Set (Flowers - Three Bouquets)-1850

137-Tarantella Set-1850

138-Greek Dance And Harem Set, The-1850

139-Religious Events No.1 And No.2-1852

140-Fairy Scenes And Pas Des Trois -1851

141-Allied Sovereigns And The Commanders Of Their Forces-1855

142-Allied Sovereigns And The Commanders Of Their Forces-1855

143-Queen And The Heroes Of India, The-1857

144-May Queen Set, The-1858

145-Figures And Landscapes Set-1859

146-Bride, The Known As The Small Bride-1848

147-Bride, The Known As The Large Bride-1850

148-Conchologists, The Known As The Small Conchologists-1848

149-Conchologists, The Known As The Large Conchologists-1850

150-Paul And Virginia Known As The Small Paul And Virginia-1848

151-Paul And Virginia Known As The Large Paul And Virginia-1850

152-La Tarantella Known As The Small Tarantella-1847

153-La Tarantella Known As The Large Tarantella-1850

154-Chalees Satoon, The Known As The Small Chalees Satoon-1848

155-Chalees Satoon,East India, The Known As The Large Chalees Satoon-1850

156-Indian Settlement-1847

157-Indian Settlement-1850

158-First Impressions Or The First Impression Known As The Small First Impressions -1850

159-First Impressions Known As The Large First Impression-1864

160-Grand Entrance To The Great Exhibition-1851

161-Grand Entrance To The Great Exhibition-1851

162-Great Exhibition (Exterior), The-1851

163-Great Exhibition (Interior), The-1851

164-Great Exhibition (Small Exterior), The-1851

165-Houses Of Parliament, The-1851

166-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 1-1852

167-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 2-1852

168-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 3-1852

169-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 4-1852\4

170-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 5-1854

171-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 6-1854

172-Gems Of The Great Exhibition No. 7-1854


174-Cupid And Psyche-1854

175-Nymph, By Wyatt, A-1854

176-Lion In Love-1854

177-Faithful Messenger, The-1854

178-Unhappy Child, The-1854

179-Greek Slave, The-1854

180-Rinaldi And Armida-1854

181-Mother Presenting Her Son With A Bible-1854

182-Dog And The Serpent (The Attack), The-1854

183-Dog And The Serpent (The Defence), The-1854

184-Attack Of The Eagle-1854

185-Girls Fishing-1854


187-Hagar And Ishmael-1854

188-Veiled Vestal, The-1854

189-Crystal Palace, New York-1853

190-Great Exhibition In London In 1862, The  

191-Gems Of The Crystal Palace No. 1 The Exterior-1854

192-Pompeian Court-1854

193-Crystal Palace And Gardens, The-1854

194-Egyptian Court, The (wrongly named by CL as Assyrian Court, The)  

195-Australia. News From Home-1853

196-News From Australia-1854

197-Review Of The British Fleet, & C., Portsmouth-1854

198-Charge Of The British Troops On The Road To Windlesham-1854

199-Siege Of Sebastopol, The-1855

200-Soldiers Farewell-1855

201-Her Majesty Queen Victoria-1839

202-Royal Christening, The  

203-England's Queen -1848

204-H.R.H. Prince Albert-1848

205-His Royal Highness Prince Albert-1850

206-Her Majesty Queen Victoria Known As The De La Rue Queen-1850

207-Her Most Gracious Majesty He Queen Known As The Small Queen And Queen On Dais-1850

208-Her Majesty The Queen Known As Queen, Hand On Table-C.1860

209-Victoria, Queen Of Great Britian Known As Queen And Head-Dress-1855

210-His Royal Highness Prince Albert-1855

211-His Royal Highness Prince Of Wales-1850

212-His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales-1859

213-Princess Royal, The-1858

214-Princess Royal - Princess Of Prussia, The-1858

215-Prince Frederick Wm. Of Prussia-1858

216-Victoria, Queen Of Great Britian, India, Etc. Known As The Large Queen-1859

216A - Victoria, Queen with lades in waiting-1859

217-Jetty Treffz, Madelle-1850

218-Jenny Lind, Madelle-1850

219-Daughter Of The Regiment, The-1856

220-Sir Robert Peel-1853

221-Sir Robert Peel Known As Peel With Extended Finger-1853

222-Lord Nelson-1853

223-Edmund Burke-1856

224-Emperor Napoleon I, The-1853

225-Late Duke Of Wellington, The Known As Wellington, Without Arm-1852

226-Late Duke Of Wellington, The-1853

227-Vive L'emperor!, Napoleon III Known As Napoleon III - Long Moustache-C. 1854

228-Eugenie, Empress Of The French-1854

229-Vive L'emperor!, Napoleon III Known As Naploleon III - Short Moustache-1854

230-Rev. John Wesley-1858

231-Chubb, Charles-1843

231A - Chubb, Maria-1843

232-Saviour Blessing The Bread, The Or The Saviour Blessing Bread (With Nimbus)-1852

233-Saviour Blessing Bread, The-1852

234-Holy Family, The-1849\50

235-Ninth Hour, The-1854

236-Descent From The Cross, The Or La Descente De La Croix-1852

237-Descent From The Cross, The-1852

238-Third Day He Rose Again, The-1854

239-Birth Of The Saviour, The Also Known As The Nativity And The Adoration-1852


241-Proposed Communist Settlement Of The Christian Commenwealth-1845


243-Crucifixion, The Known As The Large Crucifixion-1855

244-Holy Family - After Murillo, The Known As The Large Holy Family-1855

245-Crucifixion, The Known As The Small Crucifixion-1855

246-Holy Family - After Murillo, as CL244 but smaller  

247-St. Paul Preaching At Athens-1855

248-Elymas, The Sorcerer, Struck Blind-1855

249-St. Peter And St. John Healing The Sick-1855

250-Christ Charge To Peter-1855

251-Death Of Ananias-1855

252-Miraculous Draught Of Fishes, The -1855

253-Sacrifice At Lystra-1855

254-Dover Coast-1855

255-It Is Finished!-1855


257-Saviour, The Known As Ecce Homo-1854

258-Slaves, The-1855

259-Fisherman's Home, The-1849

260-Bridesmaid, The-1855

261-Christmas Time-1859

262-First Lesson, The -1855

263-I Don't Like It! Known As So Nasty!-1854

264-Infantine Jealousy-1857

265-Me Warm Now-1853

266-Puss Napping-1856

267-So Nice-1852

268-See Saw, Margery Daw Known As Miss Mischief-1858

269-Short Change-1856

270-Shall I Succeed!-1850

271-So Tired-1853

272-Stolen Pleasures-1859

273-Fruit No. 1 (After Lance)-1856

274-Fruit No. 2 (After Lance)-1856

275-Gardeners Shed, The (From A Painting By V. Bartholomew)-1856

276-Hollyhocks (From A Painting By V. Bartholomew)-1857

277-Landing Of Her Majesty And H.R.H.Prince Albert In Ireland, The-1850

278-Her Majesty Leaving Kingston Harbour-1850

279-Balmoral Castle-1850

280-Her Majesty's Marine Residence, Isle Of Wight -1847

281-Windsor Castle Known As Returning From Stag-Hunting-1850

282-Windsor Castle From The Long Walk-1850

283-View From Windsor Forest Known As Windsor Forest Or Windsor Castle And Forest-1850


285-River Camel, Cornwall-1850

286-Derwent Water, Cumberland-1849

287-Dove Dale-1847

288-Netley Abbey-1850

289-Near Folkstone - Mid-Day-1847

290-Hop Garden, The-1856

291-London, From Greenwich Observatory-1845

292-Funeral Of The Duke Of Wellington Known As St. Paul's Cathedral-1852

293-Views Of The Metropolis  

294-Royal Exchange, The -1851

295-View From Harrow-On-The-Hill-1851

296-Duke Of Buccleuch's Residence, Richmond-1848

297-Surrey Zoological Gardens-1846

298-Richmond Bridge-1851

299-View From Richmond Hill (Morning)-1845

300-View From Richmond Hill - Noon-1850

301-Dripping Well, Hastings-1850

302-Dripping Well, Hastings-1850

303-Lovers Seat, Hastings-1850

304-Lovers Seat, Hastings-1850

305-Brighton Chain Pier-1850

306-Warwick Castle-1850

307-Brougham Castle-1850

308-Bolton Abbey-1847

309-View Near Ilkley-1847

310-Bala Lake, N. Wales-1850

311-Llangollen -1850

312-Cader Idris-1850

313-River Teify, Cardiganshire-1850

314-Welsh Drovers-1850

315-Tintern Abbey-1850

316-Crucis Abbey-1850

317-View From A Deserted Rock Quarry On The Wye-1849

318-Watermill On The Wye-1850

319-Welsh Harper, The -1840's

320-Ben Nevis, Scotland-1850

321-Ben Nevis, Scotland-1850

322-St. Ruth's Priory-1850

323-Lake Luggellaw-1847

324-Lake Como-1850

325-Lake Garda-1847

326-La Biondiana In Gondoletta-1847


328-Verona (Evening Scene)-1850



331-Eu Cathedral-1848

332-Reconciliation, The -1852

333-Fruit Girl Of The Alps, The-1859

334-Lake Lucerne, Switzerland-1857

335-Dogs Of St. Bernard, The-1860

336-Ascent Of Mont Blanc (The Glacier Du Tacconay), The-1855

336A - Ascent Of Mont Blanc (Leaving The Grands Mulets), The-1855

336B - Ascent Of Mont Blanc (The Mur De La Cote), The -1855

336C - Ascent Of Mont Blanc (The Summit)-1855

337-Nuremberg, Bavaria-1847

338-Stolzenfels On The Rhine-1849

339-River Scene, Holland-1847

340-Returning From Prayer-1855

341-Andulusians, The-c.1848

342-Arctic Expedition In Search Of Sir John Franklin-1850


344-Circassian Lady At The Bath-1850

345-View In Madeira-1847

346-Mountain Stream, The-1856

347-Temples Of Philae. Egypt-1848

348-Belle Of The Village-1854

349-Come, Pretty Robin-1857

350-Copper, Your Honour?-1853

351-Crossing The Brook-1847

352-Cornfield, The -1857

353-Day Before Marriage, The-1853

354-Flora Or Flora, The Gypsy Girl-1852

355-Gathering Apples-1844

356-Harvest Time (The Gleaners)-1846

357-Little Red Riding Hood-1856

358-Little Gardeners, The -1847

359-Lovers' Letter-Box, The-1856

360-Morning Call, The-1853


362-Parting Look, The Known As The Parting Look, With Man And Box-1858

363-Parting Look, The Known As The Parting Look, Without Man And Trunk-1858

364-Parting Look, The Known As The Parting Look, Extra Lace-1858

365-Summer, After W.E. Jones Known As The Large Summer-1860

366-Summer Known As The Small Summer-1849

367-Summertime - "Half Light, Half Shade She Stood" Known As Gathering Roses-1856

368-Winter, After W.E.Jones Known As The Large Winter-1859

369-Winter Known As The Small Winter-1849

370-Shells And Their Inmates-1841

371-Yggdrasill (The Mundane Tree)-1847

372-Design For Title Page-VARIOUS

373-Map Showing Victories Of Napoleon III-1859


374A - Diagrams-1845

374B - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374C - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374D - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374E - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374F - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374G - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374H - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374I - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374J - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374K - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

374L  - Plate Of Diagrams-1846

375-Book Covers  

376-Book Covers  

377-Teeth In Age, The-1846+

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