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How should I look after my Baxter Prints?

Baxter process prints, like watercolours will fade quickly if exposed to strong sunlight. If you have one or two framed they should be displayed on a wall in a sheltered corner of the room to preserve their colours.

Prints that are in really excellent condition have most probably spent all their life in albums or portfolios and are now rarities and hard to find. 

If you intend to have items framed it is vital that they are framed in acid free or conservation board otherwise the Baxter mounts will discolour. In the past it has always been the fashion to over mount the print leaving a small cut out for the embossed or red seal. It is now hard to find a framer will to take the time to do this do this but we prefer to leave all of the mount exposed as the mount is as important as the print itself. Always use a framer you trust and explain the importance of the mount. We have stripped down many many framed prints over the years and I find it sickening that most probably more damage has been down by unsympathetic framers than anything else. Glueing the over mount to the mount or using sellotape type products is something commonly seen, such a shame...

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