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Can you help with our current research?

George Baxter and his licensees were heavily researched in the early 1900's and many books were published. In the last 10-15 years more has been discovered about this subject than perhaps in the last 100 years. New information, undiscovered prints and this continues on.

I am one of the main researchers into this subject and have written many articles on the subject, some of which are on this website, but there are a number of areas were I have come across a brick wall.

I feel sure that much more is known on these subjects but perhaps without realising that it has any great connection with Baxter.

The following pages outline some of the areas where I am actively looking for information and perhaps you are the person who can assist.

We have placed a contact form on every page to make sure you can contact us with ease.

I look forward to hearing from you - Mic

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