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The Circassian Lady at the Bath
Circassian Lady at the Bath - George Baxter - Wingael

 In 1850 Baxter published his print entitled The Circassian Lady at the Bath. On the steel plate and visible when the print is untrimmed is engraved the words:

Engraved, Printed, and Published by G. Baxter, Patentee, 11, Northampton Square (Entd. at Stationers' Hall), 1850, from a Painting by Wingael.

We purchased a painting of this subject (but considerably larger) some years ago but it was unsigned. It is undoubtedly the painting used as his basis for the print but who was Wingael?


We can not find the name on any list of Victorian Painters but it wouldn't be the first time that Baxter used and credited the work of good amateurs, perhaps someone he knew personally.


Can anyone help with any details about this artist?

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