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Articles will hopefully include information on George Baxter, his licencees and other contemporary colour printers working on hand presses. Also, related subjects where these printed items were used, for example as illustrations to contemporary books, the many types of sewing  / needlework items, especially needleboxes, pin cushions etc. Reward Cards, fabric and cloth labels etc etc.

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Past Newsletters:

No 3 - April 2019 - Click here to read - Includes: The NEC and 'Back in Fashion - The prints of George Baxter' - Baxter's Print of Verona - Baxter's Abolition of Slavery - Le Blond the unrecorded different versions of Crystal Palace Sydenham - Le Blond the NEW discovery of different versions of International Exhibition 1862 - Kronheim sheets, their use discovered - Baxter Prints on Postage stamps - Geoff Snowden's talks about Valentine cards & Joseph Mansell - An interesting Baxter Aide-Memoire - A visit to Joseph Mansell's work by Charles Dickens! - The City University, Northampton Road celebrates Baxter

No 2 - February 2019 - Click here to read - Includes: Baxter prints in Japan - New Baxter Society at the NEC - Prof Michael Twyman writes about Baxter and Chromolithography - Le Blond Baxters, how can you tell, more added - Baxter's Apprentices - The Story of Gregory, Collins & Reynolds - Vincent Brooks on postage stamps! - All Baxter's Addresses - Update on the New Hall Vault 'Snooker Table' sale

No 1 - June 2018 - Click here to read - Includes: The plates and blocks for Baxter's Reconciliation - Baxter & Needle Boxes - Le Blond Baxters, how can you tell? - Fakes & Forgeries - CL 111 Not  a Baxter Print after all - An interesting find, Kronheim dominos - The New Hall Vault Sale - Auction sale in Australia