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Latest Newsletter:

No 11 - December 2022 - Click here to read - Includes updated fakes & forgeries page including fakers embosser and their fake seals - The use of the word Color instead of Colour, an American influence? - A Joseph Mansell engraved steel plate - Updates to the site including an important update that Baxter plates were NOT sold at the 1860 auction - results to our quiz - Sir David Scott, the rarest Baxter Print of them all? Charles Frederick Buckley did he colour Baxter works for the Sydenham Crystal Palace and did Baxter actual sketch Buckley 'famous' painting of the Great Exhibition 1851? - Price reductions on most stock

Past Newsletters:

No 10 - March 2022 - Click here to read - Includes an advertising poster for two of Baxter 1860's travelling sales - A list of reference books on George Baxter and related subjects including some reviews - Memoirs of The Duke of Wellington including the Baxter print? - Holy Family, a set of progressive proofs - Le Blond ovals, when were they printed, an interested circular gives us the answer? - Did you enter the competition in the last newsletter? - Baxter's first ever work - Baxter's first work on his own account - A new discovery Le Blond & Co an Epps's Cocoa display box

No 9 - January 2022 - Click here to read - Includes the first four letters from George Baxter from the Snelling Archive - Details about the ' Mockler Portfolio' Frederick Mockler an important name in Baxter history - Figures and Landscapes Needle box set full details and many images - Le Blond & Co were also publishers - Baxter's basic family tree - A detaled review of a rare poster from one of Baxter Travelling sales at Onslow Hall Brompton

No 8 - May 2021 - Click here to read - Includes Joseph Mansell's reprints from George Baxter's original printing plates - Playing cards with Baxter prints Hollyhocks and Gardeners Shed on them - David Davidson, Baxter's agent in the US - Intro to the 'Snelling Archive' - Baxter's advertisements 1829 - 1860, access to my collection - Full details of Baxter regional travelling sales 1860 - 1863, 90% new information

No 7 - March 2021 - Click here to read - Includes: An unrecorded Mansell reward card set 'Illustrated Tales for the Young - A wooden sewing box with Lovers Seat Hasting in the inner lid - See Saw Marjorie Daw and Birth of the Saviour both added Le Blond Baxter page, how to tell the difference - An in depth review of The Birth of the Saviour, the print, the music sheets and the newly discovered book 'The Pictorial Expository Family Bible' - Baxter 1860 Retirement sale including images of the complete catalogue - Also updates to our 'Baxter Addresses' and Paul Braddon pages

No 6 - January 2021 - Click here to read - Includes: The Dogs of St Bernard an in-depth study reveals TWO paintings and an unrecorded wood engraving - Baxter's HRH Prince Albert used as the basis for a box of Thomas Jackson's Cachou Aromatise - Le Blond's Brothers Water, was it his own design? - Paul Braddon painting of Baxter birthplace - Baxter's Map of the Victories of Napoleon III - full details which reveals some interesting facts - Read about George Baxter Military history!! - An unrecorded Le Blond gold bordered mount

No 5 - May 2020 - Click here to read - Includes: Holy Family, an in depth study include unrecorded music sheets - Southdown Sheep, two unrecorded books, full details - Andrew Holland of Boston, was he a Baxter apprentice? - A unique document describing how Baxter made his glaze - A Oil Painting of Australia News from Home in auction for the 2nd time - England's Queen and Prince Albert an in depth study include the rare book they appeared in - Kronheim sheets of John Bunyan, the book discovered after 160 years - William Dickes premises, two interesting videos - J Baxter invoices from 1829-31 advertising George Baxter

No 4 - January 2020 - Click here to read - Includes: Le Blond Baxter - how can you tell the difference, The Bride and Duke of Wellington added - an unrecorded set of Sarreguemine plates using Baxter prints as the basis for design - Items added to our 'Can you help?' - Baxter 'agents' in Germany - Mansell prints on Mansell Lace cards - New items added to our Needle box 'chat' - About Prints, detailed write up of John Wesley Missionary ship and the pair of prints of Australia, original Baxter watercolours and all - A rare piece of Ephemera? - Baxter engravings in Fleet Street

No 3 - April 2019 - Click here to read - Includes: The NEC and 'Back in Fashion - The prints of George Baxter' - Baxter's Print of Verona - Baxter's Abolition of Slavery - Le Blond the unrecorded different versions of Crystal Palace Sydenham - Le Blond the NEW discovery of different versions of International Exhibition 1862 - Kronheim sheets, their use discovered - Baxter Prints on Postage stamps - Geoff Snowden's talks about Valentine cards & Joseph Mansell - An interesting Baxter Aide-Memoire - A visit to Joseph Mansell's work by Charles Dickens! - The City University, Northampton Road celebrates Baxter

No 2 - February 2019 - Click here to read - Includes: Baxter prints in Japan - New Baxter Society at the NEC - Prof Michael Twyman writes about Baxter and Chromolithography - Le Blond Baxters, how can you tell, more added - Baxter's Apprentices - The Story of Gregory, Collins & Reynolds - Vincent Brooks on postage stamps! - All Baxter's Addresses - Update on the New Hall Vault 'Snooker Table' sale

No 1 - June 2018 - Click here to read - Includes: The plates and blocks for Baxter's Reconciliation - Baxter & Needle Boxes - Le Blond Baxters, how can you tell? - Fakes & Forgeries - CL 111 Not  a Baxter Print after all - An interesting find, Kronheim dominos - The New Hall Vault Sale - Auction sale in Australia

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