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Baxter's Advertisements

This is my research page of advertisements that George Baxter had placed in the press (or in the early years, through his father John Baxter) during his active years (1827 - 1860) - they are for my personal use and shouldn't be referenced or copied without my express permission but feel free to read and enjoy.


Some are advertising for apprentices and engravers etc but most are for the sale of his prints. As you will see Baxter didn't really advertise in the early years, most of his work coming from publishers. It is only when he started to issue prints separately in the early 1840's that he started to advertise, mainly relating to his portraits of Williams and Moffat. It all then seems to go quiet until 1851 and the Great Exhibition when he advertised heavily. Some of these adverts appeared multiple times and in multiple papers. His last advert that I can find, before he announced his 'retirement from artistic labours' in March 1860, is just one month earlier advertising The Dogs of St Bernard in February 1860.

After his retirement he spent just over 3 years travelling the UK selling his prints. He advertised these sales extensively in the local press during this period and the full details can be read in this comprehensive 'Chat' HERE along with some samples of those adverts.

His lack of advertising in certain years doesn't mean he wasn't busy, he was mainly selling his prints through the wholesale market. It is only in the early 1850's he really seems to have taken on board the power of advertising.

Advertisements by retailers regarding Baxter's prints, including overseas retailers will hopefully be added soon.


Do you have any adverts that aren't shown? It would be great to see them.


'Baxter's Select Sketches in Brighton' published by J Baxter 1827


Literary Gazette - 23rd May 1829

Baxter app advert - JOhnStreet 1829.jpg

Two apprentices wanted


The Literary Gazette -

1st May 1830

Baxter advert - Literary Gazette - May 1

Presumably one apprentice has now been taken on as only two weeks after the above advert another appears looking for just one apprentice


Sussex Advertiser - May 17 1830 -

Apprentice wanted - Sussex Advertiser Ma

Sussex Advertiser Dec 31 1832 -

John Baxter advertising his son's new book - G Baxter's Missionary Annual  for 1833

BAXTERS Missionary Annual Sussex Adverti

Baxter's Agricultural and Horticultural Gleaner or Annual or  Supplement 1835 / 6

Advert from Baxter's Agricultural Gleane

The Literary Gazette - 16th July 1836

Baxter advert - Literary Gazette July 16

The Literary Gazette -

16th September 1837

Baxter advert Literary Gazette Sept 16 1
The Literary Gazette 29th Jan 1842 - not

The Literary Gazette


29th Jan 1842 

The Royal Christening companion to Coronation 'shortly ready for delivery' although plate says published Oct 1 1841.

Maidstone Gazette - Dec 6 1842


Agent Mr Simpole will bring around sample of Coronation picture

Maidstone Gazette - Dec 6 1842 - Agent w

Kentish Gazette - Jan 17 1843

Coronation picture Mr Simpole agent in Canterbury -

Coronation picture Mr Simple agent in Ca

Dover Telegraph - Feb 18 1843 - 

Coronation picture Mr Simpole agent in Dover

Coronation picture Mr Simple agent in Do

The Atlas for India (UK Paper) April 1 1843 -


Preparing for publication The Wreck of the Reliance  -  Subscribers names to...

The Atlas fotr India (UK Paper) April 1
Williams & Moffat - Shortly will be publ

Shortly will be published... Williams and Moffat - can be found on the backing board of some prints when in Baxter's original gold frames as per this advert - no date but early 1843 prior to their publication

The Examiner April 8 1843 - Now publishing  Williams & Moffatt

The Examiner April 8 1843 - Williams & M

The Ipswich Journal Sept 2 1843 -


Subscribers to Abolition of Slavery which was never published - the full story can be read HERE

The Ipswich Journal Sept 2 1843 - Subscr

Illustrated London News Dec 14 1850 


Sale of French Patent rights

Sale of French patents - Ill London News
Licences and Patent Extension - Art Jour

Art Journal Advertiser - Jan 1851 - Licenses and Patent Extension

Athenaeum May 3 1851

Gt Exhibition, Exterior to be published 5th May others will be published in May & June - Licences  granted  to use the process

Gt Exhib Ext to be pub - Athenaeum May 3

Athenaeum May 5 1851

Great Exhibition Exterior now 'just published' - interesting as the plate says published 27th May and from 11 & 12 Northampton Square address

Gt Exhib Ext - Athenaeum May 5 1851.jpg

The Daily News


May 10 1851

Same advert as above  and STILL showing  just 11 Northampton Sq proving the move to No's 11 & 12 must have happened between 11th and 27th May - please HERE for further details

GB still at no 11 N Sq - the Daily News

Lady's Own Paper - May 24 1851 


Great Exhibition Exterior now published and others will be published in May & June ! BUT this is the FIRST time we see reference to the new address 11 & 12 Northampton Square

Gt Exhibition Ext FIRST advert showing 1
Baxter Key to the Great Exhibition - bac

The Back page of 'Baxter's Key to the Great Exhibition' a book in English, French and German "a companion to the official guide" - The introduction dated July 1851

Int Exh collecting Subscribers names - S

The Sun July 11 1851 - Interior Great Exhibition to be published, collecting subscribers names - selling Overseas patent -

The Daily News Sept 29 1851


Interior of Great Exhibition will be published on day of closing - interesting reviews mentioning China etc - also advert for licenses in French

Int will be publishing on closing + inte
Observer 5-10-1851.jpg

The Observer - 5th October 1851 - Interior of the Great Exhibition was published on the day the exhibition closed 15th Oct 1851

Bents Literary Advertiser Oct 11 1851

Interior of the Great Exhibition was published on the day the exhibition closed 15th Oct 1851

GT Exh Int to be Pub - Bents Literary Ad

The Sun - Nov 19 1851

Failures of Chromolithography

Failures of ChromoLitho - Ther Sun - Nov

Morning Advertiser - Dec 16 1851

Failures of Chromolithography -Ext & Int Great Exhibition now published ALSO - will prepare notes to go with other prints so you can bind in a book

Ext & Int Gt Exh now pub - will prepare
Gt Exh Pictures over 70,000 sold - Lady'

Lady's Own Paper - Dec 20 1851 - Gt Exhibition Pictures over 70,000 sold -

Failures Chromo + Vast prod numbers - Ar

Art Journal Advert - Jan 1852 - Talks of the failures of Chromolithography and the vast production numbers he claims to have sold

Lady's Own Paper May 15 1852 


Gems No 1 & 2 now published

Gems No 1 & 2 now published - Lady's Own
Gold Medal from Austria - Athenaeum July

Athenaeum July 31 1852 - Gold Medal from Emperor of Austria for his Gems of the Great Exhibition - will be completed in TEN views - 1 - 3 now publishing

Duke of Wellington published - Morning P

Morning Post - Oct 28 1852 - Duke of Wellington will be published Saturday next (30th Oct) unless it was already in preparation this is quite an amazing feat for Baxter as the Duke only died Sept 14th 1852.-


From the back of a frame - assumed to date to 1853 - Advert for Nelson & Peel interesting mention of wholesale prices

Baxer asvert.jpg

Morning Chronicle 


Feb 23 1853

Baxter advertising for Copper Plate printers

GB advertising for Coppere Plate printer

Morning Advertiser


March 21 1853

Baxter advertising for engravers

GB advertisi9ng for engravers - Morning
Art Journal Advertiser April 1853.jpg

Art Journal Advertiser April 1853 Gems No 5 will be published shortly

Bents Literary Advertiser April 1853.jpg

Bents Literary Advertiser - April 1853 - Gold medal from Emperor of Austria - Gems of the Great Exhibition No 7 described as  'Austrian Sculpture Court' ended up just as the Veiled Vestal (from that court) and used on the title page to his Gems... book - 78 - 80 'in preparation' are Gems No 5-7 but what are No's 81-83?

Bents Literary Advertiser and Art Journal Advertiser  - October 1853 

Crystal Palace New York 'will be published early in October' - the print states ' published Sept 1 1853' are there two dates?

Bents Literary Advertiser Oct 1853.jpg
Art Journal Advertiser - Nov & Dec 1853.

Art Journal Advertiser - Nov 1853 - I would expect 'Joseph' Baxter would have been quite annoyed about this - even more when they published the same advert in December.

Bents Literary Advertiser Dec 1853.jpg

Bents Literary Advertiser - December 1853 - Cartoons of Raphael

Art Journal Advertiser Feb 1853.jpg

Art Journal Advertiser Feb 1853 - Gold Medal from Emperor of Austria Gems No 1-3 published - No 4 on or before 10th Feb


A Guide to the Palace & Park by Samuel Phillips Published by Crystal Palace Library 1854 - The Egyptian Court (catalogued by CL as the Assyrian Court) was never published

Advert from A Guide to the Palace & Park
Bents Literary Advertiser February 1854.

Bents Literary Advertiser February 1854 - Day Before Marriage

The Daily News - Feb 20 1854 -


GB selling to the public

GB selling to the public - The Daily New
Bents Literary Advertiser December 1854.

Bents Literary Advertiser December 1854 - Baxter book Gems of the Great Exhibition now publishing - Failures of Photography - shortly be publishing Napoleon I and III

Crucufixion Siege sebastpol - just Pub -

Art Journal Advertiser - Jan 1855 - Just published The Crucifixion - The Siege of Sebastopol

Art Journal


Feb 1855

Art Journal - Feb 1855.jpg

North & South Shields Gazette


March 16 1855

Will be published in March - Ascent Mont Blanc - Allied Sovereigns - First Lesson and review of Gems of The Exhibition

MOnt Blanc - Alled Sov - Crucifition jus

Art Journal Advertiser


March 1855

Will be published in March - Ascent Mont Blanc - Allied Sovereigns - First Lesson

Mont Blanc +Art Journal Advert - March 1

Art Journal Advertiser


April 1855


Just published as above "also The Holy Family"

Art Journal Advert April 1855.jpg

Art Journal Advertiser


Aug 1855

Art Journal Advert Aug 1855.jpg

Bents Literary Advertiser


Dec 1855

The Great Gold medal French Exposition (Exposition Universelle) which ran from 15 May to 15 November 1855

Bents Literary Advertiser December 1855.
Homeward Mail from India China and the E

Homeward Mail from India China and the East (UK paper)- Aug 15 1857 - image courtesy of

Art Journal Advertiser


Nov 1857


Now publishing Lake Lucerne -

Lucerne - Art Journal Advert Nov

Art Journal Advertiser


Feb 1858


Parting look almost complete - initially priced at 2 guineas (£2 2s) - also described as Lake and Town of Lucerne

Parting look almost complete - Art Journ

Art Journal Advertiser


March 1858

Parting Look now publishing and the price is now 25s (£1 5s)

Parting Look - Art Journal Advertiser -

Blackburn Standard


April 14 1858

Parting Look establishing that Baxter gave the print the 'Tennyson' connection



Parting Look - Blackburn Standard - Apri

Art Journal Advertiser


March 1859


Winter now publishing also described as 'Love's Letter Box'

Winter now pub + Art Journal Advert Marc
Wreck now pub - Art Journal Advert April

Art Journal Advert April 1859 - The Wreck now publishing

The Morning Chronicle


November 28th 1859

Dogs of St Bernard - this day is published

Dogs St Bernard published 28th Nov 1859

Art Journal Advertiser


February 1860


Dogs of St Bernard - The last time I can find Baxter advertising his prints before he announced his retirement in March 1860

Advert Dogs of St B - Art Journal Advert
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