An 'interview' with Joseph Mansell by Charles Dickens

A number of years a go a good friend of, Geoff Snowden passed me this fascinating article about a visit to Joseph Mansell's works. The fascinating and informative account is made more impressive by the fact that it was written by no other than Charles Dickens, one of the most famous authors in the world. By the date of this article most of Dickens important works had already been written. This article was for a magazine All the Year Round which was published and owned by Charles Dickens himself.

The article majors on JM's valentine cards, something that he is most probably more famous for than being a Licensee of Baxter's Process. If you look at the date of the publication, Feb 20th  you can see why the article was written then just after Valentines day, which is the 14th February. JM is not mentioned by name but his address, 35, Red Lion Square, is clearly stated.

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