Jan 21, 2018

Thoedore Low De Vinne / Francis Hart & Co & JM Kronheim


Edited: Jan 21, 2018

I have come across a book No Art without Craft the Life of Theodore Low De Vinne by Irene Tichenor. It refers to a contract made between De Vinne and Hart (Francis Hart & Co (?)) and J M Kronheim in 1866 to purchase  Kronheim's plant and rights to use his invention. The contract was cancelled by mutual consent after only 10 months.

By 1866 JM Kronheim has sold his share in the London buiness of JM Kronheim & Co and was either still in Germany or had arrived in America, we know he was in New York in 1876. As he was selling his plant (and also buying out his partner) it must be an Amercan business that he was selling (?)

Can anyone give any further information regarding the contract, where the information came from for the book or anything regarding J M Kronheim during his working life in America.

I have tried to get into touch with the author of the book to no avail, does anyone know how to contact Irene Tichenor?

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  • Mic
    Jan 21, 2018

    Frederick W Seeley wrote extensively in the early years of the 20th century in the Baxter Times about the production of Baxter Prints. He had first hand experience being, at one time, the manager at J M Kronheim and at the time of writing the articles was the Manager at Norbury Natzio who took over the Kronheim business over in 1913. Apart from his writings in the in the Baxter Times has anyone got any information regarding him or his writings especially  in the Inland Printer 1909 or the American Printer and Lithographer 1919
  • Mic
    Jan 20, 2018

    Can anyone help confirm the connection: In 1857 Joseph Martin Kronheim, Baxter Licencee trading under the name JM Kronheim & Co sold his London business and moved back to his native Germany and then at some time after went to to America and, according to Baxter researcher of the 1920’s  C L Courtney Lewis, started a printing business in America with his son. We know that Kronheim & Co issued the Centennial Home Ins Calender 1876 from 9 Dey Street* New York  and also the "Howe (sewing machines sc) Exhibition Catalogue" Published for the Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876 from the same address was in some way connected to his old London based company Was he in business with his son the Martin Kronheim that had long term associations with Wemple and others? *Chas E Wemple is noted as trading from  23 Dey Street in 1877 What I know already: 1869 - 1879 – Wemple & Kronheim – in 1879 a fire seemed to damage much of their stock of Lithographic stones , by this date it was most probably their 79 White Street adddress. 1879- Kronheim, & Manzando (formally Wemple & Kronheim) In addition: 1876 - Kronheim traded as Laserowitsch & Kronheim from the same address as Wemple & Kronheim – in 1874 Chas E Wemple was also in partnership with Sidor Laserowitsch along with Augustus W Phelps trading as Wemple, Laserowitsch & Co of 62 Cedar Street, an address which Wemple & Kronheim was trading from in 1872 Lastly we find in 1882 C .E . Wemple & M Kronheim having a charge over S Raynor for lithographic stones, presses, office furntiutre etc possibly their remaining assets after all the various Wemple and Kronheim partnships had finished trading as we can find no mention of new work after 1879 Any info, help or comments would be appreciated