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Reseach areas or queries relating to George Baxter, his life and prints produced by him

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Reseach areas or queries relating to Baxter Licencess, Le Blond, Kronheim, Mansell, Dickes, Myers, Bradshaw & Blacklock

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Reseach areas or queries relating to Le Blond & Co the brothers Abraham and Robert Le Blond and prints pruduced by them

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Items being discussed relating to other Victorian colour printers

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  • Mic
    Jan 21, 2018

    Robert Le Blond was the Brother of Abraham Le Blond. Together they were in partnership as printers Le Blond & Co (Baxter licencees) from about 1840. The partnership was dissolved 15th May 1856 and the same year Robert emigrated to America. He had the distribution rights to Le Blond & Co prints which he sold to LA Elliott in 1862. We know he left his family in America and returned to the UK in June 1863, he died in October of the same year. Robert's descendants started Le Blond lathe company a major business in the Cincinnati area ........................................ I also have a Robert Le Blond who was a member of the Chartist movement in the UK (political reform) and London Secular Society. He is stated as owning a company called Benetfink & Co Ironmongers in Cheapside (strange as I can trace Mr Benetfink owning this company). I have proof that this RLB had financial troubles and 'fled' to America in April 1856. Also noted that this RLB was met again some years later in Cincinetti. ...................................... Can anyone help with information on Robert Le Blond - his years in partnership with his brother, with Benetfink Ltd and his work with the Chartists
  • Mic
    Jan 21, 2018

    There is a court case - Le Blond & Co Ltd v Davis (1894) being the Ltd Co formed by Abraham Le Blond and others in 1881 against Charles Davis who I believe was ALB's executor, does any one have any access to these old records?
  • Mic
    Jan 21, 2018

    In 1895 after Abraham Le Blond's death there was an administration order issued relating to a case heard in the High Court of Justice Chancery Division concerning his estate - there is a reference number 6200/386n - does anyone have access to find what this is about. I believe a copy is held at Surrey History Cente in Woking perhaps the reference number relates to them?