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Print: Baxter - CL 86 – This print was printed exclusively for the book,

Wesleyan Juvenile Offering for 1846. Unlike other print runs that Baxter produced for these publications this print run was very small and makes this a very hard print to find.


The reason it was hard to find is that Baxter only won the contract’ for these publications half-way through 1846 and most probably 70% of that years publications contained basically the same print by T. Bannister, Southampton Street, Pentonville. When they wanted extra copies for their annual amalgamation of all the monthly issues Bannister had gone bankrupt so they turned to Baxter, who has already been confirmed for their 1847 publication to compete the run. An full article will be written in the near future.


Under the prints is the title, and "Baxter's Patent Oil Printing, 11, Northampton Square." 


In the book we find the following description: "About ten thousand of the native New Zealanders are under the teaching of the Wesleyan Missionaries.  Some of them reside in Waingaroa, on the banks of a small river on the Western coast of the northern Island, about half-way between North Cape and Cook's Straits.  This Mission was commenced in 1835.  The house and chapel in the picture were begun by the natives in 1841, and were finished in 1843.  They planed all the boards both for the outside and inside of the walls, and split 30,000 shingles for the roofs.  The bell was presented by some friends at Poplar.  The native Christians assemble for worship in boats from various parts of the district.  They appear to keep their clothing folded up until they reach the anchorage, and then put it on clean for attendance at chapel."  Wesleyan Juvenile Offering, 1846 (p. 1).


Date: 1845


Size (cm ht x w): 17.8 x 13.7


State: On book page complete with full lettering


Condition: Very good colours, page edges slightly trimmed with some toning to edges

Wesleyan Mission Station at Waingaroa, New Zealand (BL)

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