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Print: Baxter - CL 14a - Tropical Scenery AND CL 15 - Temperate together on one sheet being the frontispiece and title page vignette for Robert Mudie’s book “The Earth”.


There are three different versions of this print, all have under the print the title, and below that either (CL 14) "Baxter's Oil Colour Printing, 3, Charterhouse Square," (CL14a) as 14 but with the addition of the words " from original paintings by W. Fowler" or (CL14b) "Printed in Oil Colours by G. Baxter (Patentee), 3, Charterhouse Square,"


Version 14a was among the specimen works enrolled by Baxter with his specification on 23rd April, 1836.  This copy for sale is technically 14a so one of the very examples by his (to be) patented process.


Date: 1835


Size (cm ht x w): 16.5 x 21.1 (double page)


State: On double book page, folded to centre as issued in the book. Very nicely presented in double window cream over mount


Condition: Excellent colours, some light spotting to page, stain to bottom left corner but this is all covered by the over mount

Tropical Scenery AND Temperate

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