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Print: Baxter CL 319 – There are two versions of this print, the early version is by wood blocks only and catalogued by Courtney Lewis as CL. 6. Within a very short time he produced another version by his patented process i.e. he added a steel engraved key plate which gives definition to the print and makes the print noticeably superior. This is a copy of the later Baxter process version. It was used exclusively in two books Mrs. Paxton's ‘Life as It is’, (I have never seen a copy) and Mrs. Sherwood's ‘Social Tales’. 


Under the print is the title; on the left is "J. Browne Del" and on the right "Printed in Oil Colours by G. Baxter (Patentee), 3, Charterhouse Square,"


Date: 1836


Size (cm ht x w): 7.7 x 12.5 (print) 9.8 x 16.5 (page)


State: On full page from the book with lettering


Condition: Colours are very good, page edges lightly toned. Very bottom edge slightly rough where the interleaved tissue from the book has been removed

The Welsh Harper (Book Lettering)

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