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Print: Baxter – CL 137 - One of Baxter’s sets of 10 needle box prints meant to be cut singularly, as these, and used on the lids of small boxes containing sewing needles.

The titles of the small prints are:

"Evening in Italy, or the Tarantella," "The Love Letter," "View in Madeira," "The Surprise," "The Storm" "The Admonition,"  "Waterfall in the Alps," "The Circassian," "Chinese Temples," "Temples on the Ganges." 


All are signed either "Baxter, Patentee" or "Baxter, Patentee, 11, Northampton Square," The set was printed from a plate and eight blocks.  Originally sold at 1s. a sheet.

Although some needle box sets are ‘relativity’ easy to find as full uncut sheets a couple, including this set, are very hard to find. I have only recently acquired an uncut sheet for my own collection and it has taken me 40 years to do so.


Date: 1850


Size (cm ht x w): 2.5 x 4.6 (each individual print)


State: The full set cut individually, mounted on card and very nicely over mounted in two 'sets' of four and six prints


Condition: Excellent

The Tarantella Set

SKU: 1738

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