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Print: Baxter CL 82a – Or to give it its full title - The Reception of the Rev. J. Williams at Tanna in the South Seas, the day before he was Massacred. This is one of a pair, the other showing the Massacre of Rev Williams a day later. Williams was a celebrity of the day made more famous by his untimely death at the hands of the islanders.


These are the first of Baxter's prints published by himself signalling his move away from Snow the book publisher.


Baxter was a generous man and gifted part of the proceeds of the sales of the prints to Williams family. A quote at the time says “The sum of fifty guineas as a kind of first-fruits has already been generously presented by Mr. Baxter - an act as honourable to him as a man as his pictures are creditable to him as an artist." 


Baxter only advertised a very few of his prints for sale already framed, his Coronation and Opening of Parliament prints, his portraits of Moffat and Williams and this print with its partner, the Massacre of Williams. This print uses the same frame type as his portraits but now they are landscape with a titled medallion in the centre.


Sometimes the medallions use the wording cut from the titled mounts. This copy has been very neatly ‘signwritten with the title "The Reception of the Rev. J. Williams at Tanna in the South Seas the day before he was Massacred.  ."


The original published price to subscribers was £2 2s. the pair, to non-subscribers £2 12s. 6d. or in gold frames, on each of which is a medallion inscription, £4 2s.


Date: 1841


Size (cm ht x w): 44.5 cm x 34 cm overall frame size


State: In original frame as sold by Baxter.


Condition: Very good colours some toning across the sky from the original backing board. This has now been replaced with a new board and acid-free tissue barrier. The frame has some chipping to the edges and around the medallion with some of the wording missing, please see images.


As with all our larger framed items we can’t guarantee the glass in transit, no carrier will insure it. I will tape the glass and pad with extra cardboard and plenty of bubble wrap etc so should all arrive in perfect condition. If you prefer we can post without the glass or unframed, or I can put the glass behind the backboard, away from the print please let me know. For overseas purchasers please talk to me about the best options

The Reception of the Rev. J. Williams – Original Baxter Framing

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