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Print: Baxter CL 138 – Printed as two separate strips one above the other and published as a single strips on Red Seal Mounts the official title of the set is The Greek Dance and the Harem Set


Meant to be cut into single prints and used on the lids of small boxes containing sewing needles and also issued separately by Baxter as in this example.


Baxter gave the titles as:


(1)"The Harem Dance" or "Dance in the Harem"; (2) "Ladies of the Harem" or "Favourite in the Harem";  (3) "The Circassian Slave" or "A Captive Slave";  (4) "The Circassian Slave" or "The Captive Slaves";  (5) "The Captive Jewels" or "Captured Prize." 


The two sets of five on the plate were printed from a plate and twelve blocks and each strip was originally sold at 9d.


Date: 1850


Size (cm ht x w): 4.5 x 12.5 (print plus gold border) 14.5 x 20.2 (mount)


State: On cut down Red Seal Mount over mounted in cream


Condition: Excellent print, minor mark to top of over mount

The Harem Set

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