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Print: Baxter CL 148 – usually referred to as the Small Conchologists as there is a later print (CL 149) which is an enlargement of this considerably rarer first version.


It appears that Baxter never published this separately as it is not known on any form of mount so used exclusively in Suttaby's Le Souvenir for 1848. Within two years the plate had been altered and all prints on the plate enlarged.


Conchology, the collecting and study of sea shells, was a popular Victorian pastime and this print shows two ladies ‘listening to the sea’ in a large sea-shell


Date: 1847


Size (cm ht x w): 7.6 x 6 (print) 8.2 x 6.5 (sheet) 17.5 x 14.35 (mount)


State: On page from the pocket book which has been trimmed to the print with a small border on three sides. Held with photo corners on card and then nicely over mounted


Condition: Very good colours, visible borders slightly grubby

The Conchologists also known as Small Conchologists

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