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Print: Baxter - CL 347 - Temples of Philae, Egypt, or Temples at Philae, Egypt.


This was the frontispiece to Scripture Pocket Book, 1848. It was also issued separately by Baxter but only for a short while. We know this as apart from examples with pocket book lettering, as from the book, it can only be found on Baxter’s Blue Line mounts which he only used for a short period before introducing the Red Seal Mount circa 1849, hence not a common print.


The Nile is shown across the print, Philae is the easternmost of a group of islands. It is about half a mile long, and, being entirely covered with magnificent ruins. The island divides the Nile into two streams. 


Engraved under the print is the title; and "Baxter's Patent Oil Printing 11, Northampton Square,"


Date: 1848


Size (cm ht x w): 6.1 x 9.8 (print)


State: On page with pocket book lettering


Condition: Excellent colours, bottom edge of page, that would have been in the book, has been badly trimmed when being removed taking off the word ‘square’ on the right hand side so priced as an unmounted copy

Temples of Philae, Egypt (PBL)

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