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Print: Baxter - CL 79  - Published exclusively for the well-known work by the Rev Williams “Missionary Enterprises in the South Seas”. Williams was massacred at Erromanga just a few years later, which also documented by Baxter. Rarotonga in the Hervey Isles and was the home of the Rev. John Williams in the South Seas for some years,


Engraved under the print is the title and below that: "Printed in Oil Colours by G. Baxter (Patentee), 3, Charterhouse Square, from a Painting by J. Williams, Jr."  So from a painting by his son.


There are two varieties of this print, Courtney Lewis states about one “the Chief does not appear so tall, is more stalwart- looking than in the other” which is totally unhelpful unless you always have both versions in front of you. My differentiation is a lot easy, apart from other differences the earlier version doesn’t show the chief to have any nipples whereas the later versions do. To fit with CL’s numbering, my classification are CL 79 – No Nipples, CL 79a – With Nipples, this later versions also states at the foot "Published by John Snow-, 26, Paternoster Row, London.". This copy is CL 79a the later version ‘with nipples’ version.


Date: 1837


Size (cm ht x w): 13.6 x 8.3 (print) 18.2 x 11.5 (page)


State: On full book page as issued


Condition: Excellent colours, small repaired tear to left hand side page edge. Minor spotting mainly to page edges

Te Po, a Chief of Rarotonga

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