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Print: Baxter - CL 220  - Sir Robert Peel was a great supporter of Prince Albert's movement for the Great Exhibition of 1851, was Prime Minister twice but is as well-known for starting ‘modern’ policing in 1829 hence why even today Police are still called ‘Peelers’ or ‘Bobbies’. He died in 1850 following a horse riding accident.

There are two versions of this print, the earlier rare version shows an extended figure on his hand. That print was soon altered to this the more standard version. A high percentage of these prints seen are actually reprints for the early 1900’s. Quite good quality prints from Baxter’s own plates and blocks and most still retain the lettering under the print stating (wrongly) it was printed by Baxter but the easy way to tell is all the later reprints have beige / cream trousers as against the black of the genuine print. Signed on the right, "Baxter, Paitentee" (sic). 


On the steel plate under the print is "Sir Robert Peel.  Engraved, Printed, & Published, April 20th, 1853, by the Proprietor, George Baxter, the Inventor & Patentee of Oil Colour Picture Printing, 11 & 12, Northampton Square (Entered at Stationers' Hall),"


Date: 1853


Size (cm ht x w): 10.5 x 7.5


State: On card, possibly the trimmed original mount, loose but comes with over mount in modern grey


Condition: Very good colours, traces of gilt to very left hand side from previous over mount

Sir Robert Peel

SKU: 1749

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