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Print: Le Blond – CL17 – This shows new ‘Palace of Westminster’, erected from the designs of Sir Charles Barry after the fire of 1834. To the right is what we all call ‘Big Ben’ which is in fact the name of the bell and not the clock tower.

Le Blond produced this print by the Baxter process in the 1850’s. This example is produced by Chromolithography and little was known about them until recently when we acquired some examples on full uncut sheets. Her Majesty at Windsor, Prince Albert, Opening of Parliament and New House of Parliament as per Le Blonds steel plate but now there are 12 prints on the sheet, 3 of each, they are slightly narrower than the Baxter process printed examples, the signatures being removed. This was possibly because they needed to make them smaller to maximise the number of prints on the sheet or simply because the finely engraved signature doesn’t print well on to the less defined Chromo versions. Other Le Blond Chromolithographs of Lucerne, Hollyhocks for example are also not signed. Although there was no markings on the sheet to signify Le Blond printed them they are identical in design and Le Blond’s original steel plates must have been used to get the initial design so there is no reason to think that they did not print them


Date: 1850’s – 1870’s


Size (cm ht x w): 6.5 x 11.5


State: Unmounted


Condition: Excellent

New Houses of Parliament

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