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Print: Baxter - CL 265 - Signed on the right-hand corner, "Published Decr. 9, 1853, by G. Baxter, Proprietor and Patentee, London.” A commonly seen print BUT most probably 80% seen are later hand coloured reproductions. Some are obvious and some are so well done they will easily confuse see my ‘fakes and forgeries’ page. This copy is guaranteed 100% genuine.


It was possibly originally printed with the American market in mind about the time of the Great Exhibition in New York in 1853, where Baxter had a stall for the sale of his prints.


This print and No. 258 "The Slaves" give reference to the anti -slavery movement which ‘culminated’ (among other reasons) in the American Civil War of 1861 - 65


Baxter, was identified with the anti-slavery movement and intended, earlier in his career, to publish a print "The Abolition of Slavery", he also produced a portrait of Knibb the anti-slavery campaigner.


Date: 1853


Size (cm ht x w): 15.5 x 10.8 (print)


State: Unmounted on old scrapbook page, hence how it has retained its colours so well


Condition: Excellent example

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