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Print: Mansell – A full uncut sheet as taken straight from Mansell’s presses in the 1850’s printed by Baxter’s patent process.

Mansell himself never gave these individual prints titles just showing the sheet number ‘28’ at the bottom just under the prints. When the New Baxter Society catalogued them in 2006 they gave them the following numbers and titles:


169 - The Posy  / 170 - Curly Locks / 171 - The Bird / 172 - The Butterfly / 173 - Little Boy Blue / 174 - The Plume / 175 -The Envelope / 176 - The Garland / 177 - Dancing Maid / 178 - Love's Messenger / 179 - The Hair Dresser / 180 - Hidden Glance / 181 - Hide & Seek / 182 - Presenting the Posy / 183 - Presenting the Letter / 184 - Feeding the Birds


Single prints can be found in Victorian parlour scrapbooks and occasionally on Valentines cards sometimes on one of Mansell’s own ‘paper lace’ Valentines.


This sheet was part of a dealer’s stock, recently purchased that included a number of these sheets all with pristine colours. They must have been together as a batch since the day they were printed, roughly 170 years ago, hence retaining their excellent colours,


Date: 1850’s


Size (cm ht x w): 5.7 x 4.0 (individual print) 20 x 19 (full sheet)


State: On full uncut sheet inc registration holes to help align the colour blocks


Condition: Pristine colours, light toning and small tears to page edges

Mansell – Sixteen prints of Children – Uncut Sheet

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