Print: Le Blond – LB 35 – CL – 40. This view of the city is taken from the east, and shows a large portion of the right bank of the river Foyle. The Cathedral is easily distinguishable on the hill as well as other buildings.

It was used as an illustration for an unknown (as yet) pocket-book, and then it has engraved in the bottom margin in the centre the above title, on the left "Printed in oil colours by Le Blond & Co." and on the right "Licensees, London." It was also issued by Le Blond on embossed mounts as this example although the mount has now been cut down.

Date: 1852

Size (cm ht x w): 5.9 x 9.2


State: On a cut down original embossed mount


Condition: Excellent


SKU: 1373