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Print: Baxter - CL 152 – Published in pocket books for 1847, Suttaby's Marshall's Cabinet of Fashion and Suttaby's Marshall's Ladies' Elegant Pocket Souvenir.


Usually called "The small 'Tarantella,'" as, shortly after its publication the plate was enlarged to create the more commonly seen ‘large’ Tarantella. It was produced in 1846 for the 1847 pocket books and as this can’t be found on any Red Seal or Embossed mounts must have been altered before 1849 / 50 when the Red Seal Mount was introduced


When in a pocket book under the print is the title and "Baxter's Patent Oil Printing, 11, Northampton Square,"


The pocket book describes the print as "This dance derives its appellation from a species of spider called the Tarantula, which is found in the district round Taranto in the Neapolitan territory, and takes its name from the Capital of the district.  The bite of this spider is supposed to produce a peculiar nervous malady somewhat resembling the St. Vitus dance.”


Date: 1846


Size (cm ht x w): 5.3 x 9 (print)


State: On Blue lined Mount, trimmed to good border


Condition: Excellent

La Tarantella (Small) – BLM

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