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Print: Baxter CL 254 – Everyone must have heard of the white cliffs of Dover on England’s south coast. The print shows Shakespeare's Cliff in the distance, and the beach in the foreground. 


This was produced by Baxter as a Baxterotype in competition to the newly fangled photography known then as Daguerrotype after its inventor


The print was produced from a steel plate and just one colour block, and was originally sold at 3s. 


Courtney Lewis states that although Le Blond had the plate it was unlikely he printed from it. Baxter didn’t sign this print so unless it is on a stamped mount you can’t be 100% sure. I feel that Le Blond did print from this plate but I still have yet to prove it. Not all Le Blond Baxters are signed and with only one colour block you can’t see any obvious differences in printing and colours used to tell the difference. As copies of this print are hard to find anyway I do not get anywhere near the volume of prints through my hands to make any definite decisions. As such, at this stage everyone would say this is definitely by Baxter, I feel that some copies might be by Le Blond.


Date: 1855


Size (cm ht x w): 20.1 x 26.7 (print) 38 x 43 (frame)


State: Over  mounted in white then cream with three gilt lines in modern gilt frame


Condition: One small spot to sky, else excellent

Dover Coast

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