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Print: Baxter - CL 350 – This print shows a ‘crossing sweeper’ someone who basically cleans the streets for well to do society people to cross the road, the mess from the thousands of horses in London must have caused quite a problem.


Baxter’s auction sale catalogue of 1860 explains further: "Portrait of a lad who ostensibly follows the occupation of a crossing-sweeper, but whose real occupation is to draw from passers-by their odd halfpence in appreciation of his talent for humour and perseverance.  Portrait of a character well known in the streets of London." 


It is signed on the right-hand side, in the ground, "Published August. 10th, 1853, by George Baxter, Proprietor & Patentee, London,"


Date: 1853


Size (cm ht x w): 15.20  x 11


State: On stamped Mount as issued, over mounted in modern cream


Condition: Very good colours, lightly toned under over mount

Copper your Honour? (SM)

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