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The new updated George Baxter Print website

George Baxter Laying of the tablet, Northampton Square 1928

After a good few weeks building the new site, transferring information and loading loads more stock the new updated site is now live and seems to be working well - please let me know if you find any problems. As you can see there is now a blog for my ramblings and will hopefully add little interesting posts to say what is going on in the Baxter Print world. Also our forum, which in the past has had to be on a separate site, is now incorporated. We have transferred over some of the main subjects but need to look into transferring all the old threads, can this be done? Does anyone now how?

Plans for the future:

Loads more 'Chats on'...Pocket books, Baxter related sewing and needle case items, Baxter's Abolition of Slavery, Missionary Vine...I am always researching loads of Baxter Print related topics - so it could anything.

Video's - Yes instead of reading how to tell if my Baxter print is a fake, you will be able to listen and watch me describing how - 3 mins snippets of practical information using prints, steel plates, colour blocks and ephemera to make it easier to follow and hopefully more fun

Loads more stock - this will be added regularly

Newsletters - Why not 'subscribe' (see our home page) and get a told when we add new research, stock etc

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