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George Baxter (1804 - 1867) is regarded as the "Inventor" of colour printing. The Baxter process, which he patented in 1835, involved an initial metal keyplate and up to 20 wood or metal blocks to apply each individual colour, and all this on hand presses! What stood out about George Baxter was the overall quality he endeavoured to achieve. He only used the best quality paper and mixed all his own oil inks. To gain perfect registration, alignment of all the blocks, was an art in itself.

If you are thinking 'print' a duplicated copy something that is run of a machine, thousands at a time, please think again, yes they are copies from the same steel plate and colour blocks but EVERY copy was produced by hand and the process would have taken days to print - that's is after Baxter had engraved the plates and blocks. With the print of The Coronation of Queen Victoria (which includes over 200 recognisable faces)  it took FOUR years from the moment he sat in the seat, set aside specifically for him, until he published the print, yes he was a perfectionist and that is most probably also the reason he also went bankrupt.

Condition is paramount with Baxter prints, like all items, poor quality, damaged or faded examples are worth little money. Fakes are common and are regularly seen on major auction sites, some have genuine looking stamped mounts - please take time to look at our fakes and forgeries page. Everything purchased from this site comes with our 100% money back, guarantee of genuineness, we have over 30 years of collecting and research experience to back this up.

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Georgebaxter.com specialises in work by this well-known and highly collectable printer and prints by his process. As well as offering many prints for sale we also purchase unwanted items and are pleased to offer advice and valuations. We also welcome comment and emails from Baxter collectors and enthusiast around the world.

The image above shows a very rare card basket including a number of Baxter portraits. The image to the right is of another very rare item Baxter's PIctorial Note Paper in original wrapper

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