Print: Baxter CL 328 - Used as a music cover on Mandolins Valse and also issued separately by Baxter. The print is signed on the gondola "Baxter, Patentee," On the steel plate under the print is engraved the above title, and "Engraved, Printed, & Published by G. Baxter Patentee 11, Northampton Square, from Drawings by Prout, etc.  (Entered at Stationers' Hall), 1854,"

This print was produced from a plate and twelve wood blocks, and was originally sold at 2s. 


Date: 1850


Size (cm ht x w): 15 x 9.8


State: On old card being a cut down music sheet or gold bordered mount


Condition: Slightly faded but still very appealing, hence why we are still listing this, priced accordingly

Verona (Evening scene)

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