Print: Le Blond – LB 90. One of Le Blond’s well-known and highly collectible ovals. This has the joint signatures of Le Blond & Co London and L.A. Elliot & Co Boston so dates this to the late 1860’s. The framing matches four other Le Blond ovals possibly still available on the site.

Date: 1860’s

Size (cm ht x w): 13 cm x 17 cm (print) 32 cm x 39 cm

State: On Stamped mount, over mounted in blue then cream with gilt edging to the cut outs, framed in black and gilt Hogarth frame. Framed in the ‘Porters’ style, their label on the back.

Condition: Very good colours and presnted in the best possible way

The Fisherman's Hut - SM

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