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Print: Le Blond Baxter – Original published by Baxter as CL 236 in 1852 being an accurate copy of Rubens painting. Baxter’s version is stated as his ‘greatest success’. This Le Blond reprint taken from Baxter plates and blocks, after he purchased them just after Baxter’s death, is also a very fine print. In fact it is hard to tell the difference, unless, like me, you have studied hundreds of copies and I can safely say this is definitely by Le Blond. This will be added to my article on the differences between the prints at some time in the future.


Date: 1868


Size (cm ht x w): 19 x 16 cm – visible print inside the over mount


State: Unmounted on old card over mounted in gilt


Condition: Excellent colours, there is some minor losses to the very edge of right hand side and top of the print from previous framing but this is all covered by the over mount

The Descent from the Cross or La Descente de la Croix

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