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Print: Baxter CL 158 - The First Impression but usually referred to as First Impressions (small) as Baxter produced a larger version during his later years, 1861 – 63, after his intended retirement. We now know that this was after a painting and a ‘chat’ on this is in the pipeline (and has been for some years along with many others - one day!)


It was used in the pocket book, Suttaby's Le Souvenir for 1851 and also published separately by Baxter. This can also be found on the outside covers of Baxter’s, very rare “Patent Pictorial Note-paper” which containing  sheets of note paper each with a needle box print in one corner. When on the cover of this note paper around the large gold border, which is also used when on Baxter’s red sealed mount is a thin gold line on pale green paper. This example has obviously been removed from a cover of this note paper as it shows these edges. I include an image of a complete example of one of these covers as most collectors would never have seen one but stress this full cover is for information only and is not included in this sale.


Notepaper was reproduced by The New Baxter Society in 2004 to mark the 200th anniversary of Baxter’s birth and example can be seen for sale on our site at


Date: 1850


Size (cm ht x w): 9.4 x 7 (print) 21.5 x 18.2 (mount)


State: Cut down cover from illustrated note paper trimmed to small outer gold line border on green paper and large gold border surrounding the print and stuck to old paper


Condition: Excellent

Small First Impressions

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