Print: Print: Baxter - CL 196 – a companion to CL 195 – Australia, News from Home and relates to the Australian Gold rush that hit in 1851.


Interestingly this print is signed (where as the companion issued the year earlier is not), on the hearthstone, “Published May 10th, 1854, by G.  Baxter, Proprietor and Patentee, London.”


“An old cobbler and his wife listen whilst their daughter reads the ship letter, which has enclosed them a £100 note (worth about £7,750 today), sent, no doubt, from the boys at the gold fields in the colony.  As if by contrast to the native postman in the companion print, here we see one of our own in the uniform they then wore.”


Another interesting feature is the poster pinned to the cottage wall – Emigration to Australia in the ship ‘Hope’ and you can see the word Melbourne.


On the bottom margin of the plate is "News from Australia.  Engraved, Printed, and Published, May 10th, 1854, by the Proprietor, George Baxter, the Inventor and Patentee of Oil Colour Picture Printing, 11 & 12, Northampton Square (Entered at Stationers' Hall)." 


This was produced from twelve blocks, and originally sold at 1s. 6d.


For more detailed information about this print please see


Date: 1854


Size (cm ht x w): 11 x 15.2 (print) 18.4 x 25.5 (mount)


State: On stamped mount as issued


Condition: Pristine colours, minor stain to bottom corner of mount, retailers label on the reverse of Tho: Hen: Weston of Bristol. Paper residue to corners of reverse where it is have been removed from an album, the reason it has retained its colours so well

News from Australia – SM

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