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Print: Baxter - CL 217 – The print shows the, at the time, well-known mezzo-soprano Henrietta "Jetty" Treffz who rose to great acclaim in London circa 1849. Also known for being the first wife of Johann Strauss II.


The print was used on the covers of music "Jullien's Album for 1851" and "Deutsche Lieder Valse" and also published separately by Baxter. Signed on the right, "Baxter's Patent Oil Colour Printing,"


Under the print, on the plate margin, is "Jetty Treffz.  Engraved, Printed, and Published by G.  Baxter (Patentee), 11, Northampton Square, from a Painting by H. Gubbins (Entered at Stationers' Hall), November 15th, 1850,"


An advert in Jan 1859 states that this print and its companion Jenny Lind had sold 300,000 copies, a vast amount and perhaps exaggerated greatly by Baxter? Perhaps most were supplied to music publishers and now lost as it is not an easy print to find. Courtney Lewis states a print on any Baxter mount, as this example, is very rare.


This plate was altered circa 1858 to become The Princess Royal


Date: 1850


Size (cm ht x w): 15.3 x 9.8 (print) 26.5 x 19.5 (mount) 32 x 26.5 (over mount)


State: On original red seal mount with gold border, over mounted in modern gilt then cream


Condition: The print is slight faded, we can only tell this as we have seen pristine copies but still very appealing, on a RSM that has been slightly trimmed light toning from current over mounted

Jetty Treffz, Madelle

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