Print: Le Blond - LB 94 - CL 85, The title of the prints, The International Exhibition, 1862 tells you everything you need to know. The exhibition ran from 1 May to 1 November 1862.


I have only just discovered (at the time of writing) that this print was actually printed two to a sheet and that each print from the plate is slightly different creating two different versions of the same print. Please see are article HERE that tells you all about this and illustrates the differences in the two prints


Date: 1862 / 63


Size (cm ht x w): 10 x 14.9 (each print)


State: A reconstructed sheet showing one of each of the TWO versions of this print, for details of the differences please see the link above


Condition: Excellent colours, both with good margins and registration holes from the printing plate

International Exhibition 1862 – RECONSTRUCTED SHEET

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