Print: Baxter - CL 264 – Not a hard to find print but 90% of the copies seen are Le Blond Baxters. On the LBB version the print is trimmed to remove Le Blond’s signature so you hardly see any of the chairs legs, this must have been done to most of the copies, as I have never seen a Le Blond signed copy.


This is a genuine Baxter the chair legs can be seen and in between the legs is Baxter’s signature "G.  Baxter, patentee." 


It is after a drawing by Kenny Meadows who was a prominent wood engraver.  On the steel plate under the print is engraved "Infantine Jealousy.  London: Published Octr. 24th, 1857,"


The print was produced from ten blocks, and was originally sold at 1s. 6d. 


Date: 1857


Size (cm ht x w): 14.5 x 9.9 (print) 24 x 19.6 (frame)


State: Over mounted in cream in old gilt frame


Condition: Very good colours, not as florid as the more commonly seen Le Blond Baxter examples. Clean mount, a few chips to frame which, to my mind, do not distract but add age

Infantine Jealousy

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