Book:  By Courtney Lewis. His ultimate, mammoth and last book specifically on Baxter. This gives you a wealth of information, in depth background to his life and process and fullest of descriptions of all his prints.

Date: 1924

Size (cm ht x w): 25 x 19 x 6 – 599 pages plus 70 pages of plates at the back

Condition: Very good solid book that unfortunately has, as some stage, got wet. The first 603 pages (all the text) are perfect. All pages of plates at the very back of the book have got wet along the about 2cm of the left hand edge, all are water stained and some were still stuck together, these have now been opened up but with some minor loss, thinning and paper stuck to the edge. Perfect working copy with unfortunate damage JUST to the plates at the end of the book

George Baxter - The Picture Printer

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