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Print: Baxter - CL 331 or to give it it’s full title “The King of the French leaving Eu for Paris, Sepr. 12th, 1843.” Published in Suttaby's Le Souvenir, 1849 as well as being issued separately by Baxter.


The "King of the French" in question was Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans, who, in his younger days as a member of the younger branch of the Bourbon family renounced his titles and assumed the surname of Egalité.  He later escaped arrest and went to Switzerland, where he became a teacher.  In 1800 he came to reside at Twickenham, but later accepted the constitutional throne of France in 1830.


In 1843 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited him at the Chateau at Eu. The pocket books states that this print represents his return to Paris after their departure rounding the east end of the Cathedral by moonlight. 


In 1848 came the Revolution, and the citizen King abdicated and fled to the coast along with his Queen, concealed himself for some days, and at length escaped on a British ship to Newhaven under the name of "Mr. Smith;" he died at Claremont (a print of the stately home was produced by Baxter in 1848) in 1850. 


When in the pocket book under the print is engraved the title and below that, is "Sketched during the procession by G. Baxter, Patentee of Oil Colour Printing, 11, Northampton Square." Indicating that Baxter was in France in September, 1843, although not published until 5 years later perhaps because of the topical arrival of the King into the UK


Date: 1848


Size (cm ht x w): 6.5 x 5.1 (visible image)


State: Unmounted, on  paper over mounted in cream


Condition: Excellent

Eu Cathedral

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