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Print: Le Blond Prints LB 70 & 71 - FOUR prints (all different) by Le Blond of the Great Exhibition building after it was moved to Sydenham, South London. The area was subsequently named 'Crystal Palace'.

Le Blond produced 2 different views, CL’s 70 and 71. They were printed in duplicate on the same printing plate, so 2 of each print. Only recently I discovered that each version of these prints is in fact slightly different. So what we have here are 2 different versions of each print on a reconstruction of the original sheet as it would have come off the printing press. Differences include people missing and extra trees.

For full details of the differences and the background to this please see the full article here

Date: 1854

Size (cm ht x w): 5.5 x 9.5 each print

State: Unmounted

Condition: Excellent

Crystal Palace Sydenham - RECONSTRUCTED SHEET

SKU: 403

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