Le Blond - LB 27, CL 51. An important castle has been at Heidleberg since 1214 but when the King moving the administration centre to Munich in the late 1600’s the castle fell into disrepair. It became an important tourist site made popular by many Victorian artists including J M W Turner who painted the view of the castle and river many times. In the mid 1850’s the castle started to be restored and lighting was installed in 1860.


This was used as an illustration to Peacock, Mansfield & Sons' pocket-book The New Forget-me-not or Ladies' Fashionable Remembrancer for 1852. In that state, under the print is the title and on the left "Printed in oil colours by Le Blond & Co." and on the right "Licencees, London."


Above it is the front of the Chapel of St. Udalrick, and on the left of this is the octagon tower of the horloge.


Date: 1852

Size (cm ht x w): 6 x 9.5

State: Unmounted


Condition: Apart from the smallest foxing spot to the left hand side of the sky this print is excellent.

Castle of Heidleberg on the Rhine

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