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Scripture Pocket Book for 1851

Scripture Pocket Book 1851 - Baxter Print - Crucis Abbey

As an avid collector (my wife says, a bit too 'avid') new items are always arriving. This week has seen some interesting old auction catalogues, a mixed collection of Baxter, Le Blond and Mansell prints, a large collection of Kronheim complete sheets. A unusual postcard featuring a Le Blond oval from a set of 32 printed by Etheridge in the 1920's and a very hard to find diary / almanac - Scripture Pocket Book for 1851 featuring the Baxter print Crucis Abbey.

As a collector, firstly anything I haven't got usually gets added to the collection and any duplicates, of which, after 30 years of collecting is... well, lets just say, a lot, gets put into our sale stock.

The pocket books are rare and although I have a good selection it is the first time that I have acquired one that I already have, hence for the first time I will be able to offer one of these rare little almanacs for sale.

All the prints that are faded or damaged and aren't of good enough quality just get filed away in boxes as we only sell top quality prints in very good plus condition on the site. All the good enough duplicate items, along with what arrived last month (and what will most arrive next month) will go into sale stock. They will be added to the website as and when I get around to it but some have been in sale stock for years and I still haven't got around to listing them! For example I have never sold any single prints from the History and Orders of Knighthood since I started, some 16 years ago, I kept every copy back until I had finished our research into the book, I have over 50 duplicate copies, must get around to getting them on the site someday.

So if you are looking for anything specific always let me know as a lot of my stock goes directly out to customers without ever going on to the website. Happy to add you to out 'wants' list, please feel free to email us or through our contact page

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