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New Website on it's way

I have decided to update our website, our old site (updated many times) has done us proud for the last 15 years but I now find it a bit limiting as I want to add a lot more new an exciting stuff.

The new one, which I am working on at the moment, will be entirely new but still have the feel. Loads of new information, a lot of new stock to buy (we have over 2000 items available, most not on the site) and the ability to do so much more. A Blog as now, and able to link it to our Facebook page! A forum so instead of having our totally separate research forum we will now have one built in our site. Loads of new ideas, much of my research will be published include little interesting snippets of information as they are found. Videos, yes even that can happen so instead of reading about fakes and forgeries you will be able to see me (sorry about that, there is always a downside) talking about them

Still away to go but should be up and running very early in the New Year

Until then why not subscribe by emailing 'Subscribe' and not miss out when it happens

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