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'Baxter Prints’ by BH Morgan - Not what it seems!

For some time I have seen advertised on EBay and other internet sites a book entitled ‘Baxter Prints’ by BH Morgan, this appeared to be a new ‘print on demand’ copy of an old book that I had not heard of, I like to think I have read most of the books relating to Baxter even if I have forgotten so much of what I have read.

A short while ago I remembered that BH Morgan was a major collector of Baxter prints during the 1900’s and his collection had come up for auction in North Wales about 5-10 years ago. In that case perhaps this was a book worth reading?

I purchased a copy and was very disappointed when it arrived to find out that although the book was ‘as described’ it was in fact a copy of H G Clarkes’ Baxter Colour Prints – their history and method of production.


It does make you wonder how the publisher, Read Books, back in 2008, had got it so wrong and why during the last 9 years no one seems to have told them the title and author is incorrect. When I look at my copy of the original book it seems they must have made a fundamental error as, instead of reading the title page, they read the advert, as illustrated, on the back of that page and somehow picked up ‘Baxter Prints’ and ‘BH Morgan’.


I advised the EBay seller of the error and the book was returned with a full refund but somehow I don’t think the message will ever get back to the publisher. As we speak there are four adverts for multiple copies of this book available on EBay, one from the seller that I have already advised of the error.

Clarkes’ Baxter Colour Prints - BH Morgan
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