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George Baxter's abbreviated family tree
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George Baxter's abbreviated family tree to show some of the main people involved in Baxter's story

George Baxter's family tree, to keep it simple, initially I have only shown some of the main people involved in Baxter's story, I can add to this as we go. This will hopefully help you understand the sometimes complex relationships between the main parties. It should also help understanding some of the letters from George Baxter and family that are in the Snelling Archive (see Link 1 below)

If you have a questiosn about the wider Baxter family tree please feel free to contact me.

* Wynne Edwin Baxter, the son of George's brother although not greatly involved in George Baxter's story is an important person in his own right. A prominent lawyer in the town of Lewes, the company still operates all over Sussex, but was also the first mayor of that town in 1881. He is most well known for being the Coroner in the inquest of most of the victims of Jack the Ripper as well as on Joseph Merrick, better known as the "Elephant Man". To see his full story please see Link 2 below

** George Baxter Junior was also a printer and after selling his father's plates and blocks to Le Blond & Co on behalf of Vincent Brookes started his own company in London then Birmingham before emigrating to Australia

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