Print: Baxter - CL 88 -   Published exclusively for the quite rare book by Rev Joseph Waterhouse Vah-ta-ah, the Feejeean Princess. 


I say rare book as a copy in that state is very hard to find but the prints are quite common. This was the first book illustration (or missionary subject) that Baxter had produced for many years and perhaps his projection of sales and hence his printing run was far greater than the amount of books sold. I can only presume that most of the prints seen, not issued separately by Baxter and not having been removed from the book were in fact excess prints not required by the publisher or purchased by the published but never actually used.


Rev Waterhouse also appeared as a subject in Baxter’s 1844 print “Landing of the Missionaries at Taranaki, New Zealand.”


Engraved under the print is the above title, and below that in four lines is "From a Miniature by J. D. MacDonald, of H.M.S. Herald.  Printed in Oil Colours by Baxter, Inventor & Patentee, London." 

Courtney Lewis states “Book published as below, but print probably produced some years before.  The subject of this print was a cruel, vicious cannibal.  She was civilized later and baptized as Lydia, and died November 25th, 1855.”


If you would like the print in the book please contact me, we have a copy in stock but as yet, like many hundreds other prints, not yet listed on the site.


Date: 1857


Size (cm ht x w): 13.8 x 9.2 (page)


State: On full book page as issued, over mounted in cream


Condition: Excellent colours, minor toning spots to plain areas of page

Vah-ta-ah, the Feejeean Princess

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