1413 The Veiled Vestal


Print: Baxter - CL 188 - An intriguing print exactly the same as CL 172 – Gems of the Great Exhibition No. 7 which appeared on the title page of the rare book Baxter's Gems of the Great Exhibition. In the book it has a blue background (CL 172) but this issue has a red background.

Intriguing as why did Courtney Lewis give it a separate CL No? Why not just 172A?


Not listed in any of Vincent Brooks issues of 1865 and no reason to think Le Blond printed from the plate but it was listed in Baxter’s republication list of 1864 so perhaps this is this later issue.


The print represents the kneeling statue of the "Veiled Vestal," which was one of the principal attractions of the Austrian Sculpture Court, and was executed by Signor Monti.


Date: 1854 +


Size (cm ht x w): 13 x 9.7


State: Unmounted


Condition: Excellent colours, very light creasing to bottom corners. Traces of Baxter’s gloss glaze to print edges

The Veiled Vestal

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