1398 The Royal Family at Windsor – with Seal and Title


Print: Le Blond CL 71. This is the first print by Le Blond & Co. by Baxter’s Process having taken a licence to use the process in 1849.

Courtney Lewis writes “The print depicting a wing of Windsor Castle. From a window Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort watch six of their children at play on the terrace below on which a sentry stands on guard. On the bottom of the print is a circle or ellipse round which is engraved "Scene at Windsor Castle and the whole of the Royal Family," and in the centre of the circle is "1850." On the bottom left of the picture is engraved "Printed in colours by Le Blond & Co. Licencees," and on the right is "24 Budge Row, London," and in the bottom centre is "Drawn by Edward Wells." There is an engraved crown in black over the picture.”


Date: 1850


Size (cm ht x w): 23.7 x 14.7 (full sheet)


State: On sheet with full borders to include the crown at the top and title, date etc at the foot with cutting guide lines just visible on two sides


Condition: Excellent

The Royal Family at Windsor – with Seal and Title

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